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Cyber Few Good Men


Cyber : Few Good Men is a production company based in Belgrade, Serbia.C:FGM is  third incarnation of production company Cyber, first established in January 1996, by Srdjan Radojkovic, director and Vuk Marjanovic, producer.  Company operates under the name Cyber : Few Good Men since 2010. Cyber is the oldest Serbian advertising production company, and a leader in service production. We are full-service production company, specialized in TVC production, production service, and event production.

Our mission is to provide flawless production process, achieve success in results, and while doing so, always be cost-effective. Our motto is – what comes in must come out better. Our fields of work also include production of films, ads, music videos, TV programs, virals; web, photo and multimedia production as well as event production.

Last, but not least, Cyber has become a reliable partner for production service on international TVC productions for clients such as Nokia, Gillete, Santander, IKEA, McDonalds, Telia, Watenfall…


Over the span of 15 years, Cyber has produced over 500 advertising video campaigns with more than 870 individual ads, as well as numerous industrial, documentary and animated films. Cyber also produced 3 short and medium-length movies, over 30 music videos and over 190 advertising and fashion photo productions. The company’s direct approach, quality and innovative products placed it among the leaders in the ex-Yugoslav market from its’ very beginnings. Our productions have been aired throughout the whole Balkans region, including EU countries.

The biggest local and regional advertising agencies and international networks have become our satisfied clients over the years. Cyber is also a founding member of SAPA – Serbian Advertising Production Association and SFA – Serbian Film Association. We are board members of CFP –E, and constantly present on important global industry meetings and festivals .


  • ADDRESS: Rige od Fere 22
    11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
    PHONE: +381 11 2183939, +381 11 2910053,      +381 11 2910068