Film in Serbia
• Carlsberg Lav Beer – Commercial shooting

Carlsberg Lav Beer – Commercial shooting

The company Carlsberg Serbia presented in all major Serbian cities new design for Lav Beer bottle. On this occasion Carlsberg, officially discovered 20 meters tall scale model of the new bottles. New bottle attracted the attention of the citizens of Serbia.

Discovering new model for Lav bottles, started  the new era, as the company called the launch of new packaging and launch for investments in 2010. Innovative Lav bottle designed is created after research that was a year long, where the tastes of men  was questioned in Serbia.

Lav beer is traditionally brewed top quality and famous brand product portfolio of the company Carlsberg Serbia.


Calsberg Lav Beer shooting commercial for new Lav bottle. 


Client: Carlsberg
Director: Miroslav Terzić
Production: LeSpot
Year: 2010