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• 3Lateral becomes Epic
3Lateral becomes Epic
3Lateral becomes Epic

3Lateral becomes Epic

3Lateral becomes Epic

Leading developer of digital humans technology and creative content has joined with Epic in an acquisition that will bring significantly increased investment in the 3Lateral team’s efforts.

It has been officially reported that the two companies’ acquisition has taken place following the news of Epic’s $1,25 billion new investment round that happened end of 2018. Epic and 3Lateral share a track record of groundbreaking Unreal Engine-based collaborations, including the animated short “A Boy and His Kite,” real-time performance capture and moviemaking in “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice,” and the photorealistic, real-time “Siren” and “Digital Andy Serkis” demonstrations.

The Serbia-based team will continue supporting game industry, film, and television partners under 3Lateral brand while working to advance the state of the art in Unreal Engine’s support for virtual humans and creatures. Vladimir Mastilović will lead Epic’s worldwide digital humans efforts. Prosperous for more than 15 years in empowering innovative technologies for creation of digital life and expanding the number of employees each year, this was a strategic move for 3Lateral where their tech development plans align perfectly with Epic Games and their vision of the future.

“Creating digital humans requires deep understanding of every aspect of our appearance and motion, both of which portray our inner self and tell stories around us. We read all these visual cues with great precision as instinct to analyze an image of another human being is deeply embedded in our DNA”, said Vladimir Mastilović, founder and director of 3Lateral. “Observing, analyzing and reconstructing these mechanisms has always fascinated us at 3Lateral, and we are excited to have joined a like-minded team at Epic Games with such strong desire to solve this near impossible problem”.

3Lateral team will continue to support all of its partners and Epic’s new presence in Serbia will serve as a base for recruiting technical and creative talent in the region, turning the headquarters in Novi Sad into one of leading R&D centers.

“Real-time 3D experiences are reshaping the entire entertainment industry, and digital human technology is at the forefront. Fortnite shows that 200,000,000 people can experience a 3D world together. Reaching the next level requires capturing, personalizing, and conveying individual human faces and emotions”, said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games.

The vision of virtual production and future of their user base was one of the main topics during the recent CGA Belgrade Conference where Vladimir Mastilović and Unreal’s Ben Lumsden shared the floor in a panel conversation with Mike Seymour.

This ground-breaking news for Serbian creative industry and tech companies is yet another proof of the high-performance talent base that has been increasingly reaching global status and country’s efforts in incentivizing creative industry environment.

About Epic Games

Founded in 1991, Epic Games is the creator of Fortnite, Unreal, Gears of War, Shadow Complex, and the Infinity Blade series of games. Epic’s Unreal Engine technology, which brings high-fidelity, interactive experiences to PC, console, mobile, AR, VR and the Web, is freely available at unrealengine.com. The Epic Games Store offers a handpicked library of games, available at epicgames.com.

Follow @epicgamesinc for updates.

About 3Lateral

3Lateral is built around passion for creating characters and creatures. It gathers diverse people in an industry that has to marry seemingly incompatible skills – rebellious artistry and disciplined engineering practices. This is exactly the type of fusion of skills, and finding inspiration in the opposite character, excites and surprises us. This is where magic, the fundamental force that drives all animators, happens and makes us confident in the path we see to our visions.


3Lateral becomes Epic

Leading developer of digital humans technology and creative content has joined with Epic in an acquisition that will bring significantly increased investment in the 3Latera ...

Serbia Increases Incentives Budget for 2019

Serbia Increases Incentives Budget for 2019

The introduction of 25% cash rebate for film has been crucial game change of the decade for Serbian film industry. The programme has benefited over 100 projects since the launch in 2016 and it success is continuing with Serbian Government determination to support creative industries.

Since 65 projects benefitted from Serbian cash rebate programme in 2018, almost double the number to 2017, the Ministry of Economy has decided to continue incentivising projects in the upcoming year with additional 100 million RSD. This makes the total budget available in 2019 go up to €7,5 million ($8,6 million). Simultaneously the increase in the national funding for domestic and co-productions under the Ministry of Culture and Film Center Serbia to €9 million, represents significant investment in two very strong mechanisms for the film production and audiovisual sector in Serbia.

The extremely active year has seen the total of 11 feature films including “The White Crow” directed by Ralph Fiennes, “Anna” by Luc Besson and “Intrigo: Death of an Autor” by Daniel Alfredson, creator of Millennium Trilogy. The numbers show that total value of production spend in Serbia due to incentives amounts to €35,3 million.

Serbia is also one of handful countries in the world to offer cash rebate to advertising and special purpose projects. In previous year it was applied to 40 projects. Those that top the value are campaigns for X-BOX Game Pass and Penny retail chain which demonstrated strong creative and production support by Serbian advertising and service companies.

Due to the no visa regime introduced for India and China, Serbia is being rediscovered by these two big markets. “Belgrade Escape” was the first Chinese feature to benefit from incentives and returning Indian productions that shot 3 films including award-winning director Mani Ratnam, “Crimson Red Sky” and rising star Vicky Kaushal in “URI: Surgical Strike”. All mayor film centers in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore experienced shooting in Serbia with over 100 shooting days in the past 12 months.

Locations juiced up with local talents and growing film infrastructure, Serbia has demonstrated the ability to double the face of almost every European capital city through its many incarnations on screen. Globally, filmmakers are showing interest in brutalist, dystopian locations like the New Belgrade. The (in)famous “blocks” are inevitable checkpoint on any filmmakers scouting list. And for whatever you can’t find in real locations Serbian production designers are ready to build in studio or digitally create in the well-established visual effects and CG industry.

With announcements of € 50 million investment in Avala Studios Serbia is making its way to more competitive infrastructure and services to other countries in Balkans and Southern Europe.

Serbia Film Commission continues to follow its mission, for further questions how to access incentives meet us at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival.


Serbia Increases Incentives Budget for 2019

The introduction of 25% cash rebate for film has been crucial game change of the decade for Serbian film industry. The programme has benefited over 100 projects since the launch in 2016 and it succ ...

The box offices success of “URI: The Surgical Strike”

The box offices success of “URI: The Surgical Strike”

Indian blockbuster “URI: The Surgical Strike“ is on the run for smashing the box office in the opening of 2019, having earned $ 15,000,000 in India, in only seven days after the premiere on January 11th, while at the same time ticket sales in cinemas in America, Canada and Australia have reached about $ 2 million. 

This will be one of the most successful projects produced by “RSVP Movies”, owned by Ronnie Screwala and shot in partnership with Clockwork Film Production in Serbia, during July and August 2018. Shooting lasted for 41 day, with more than 300 crew members and about 700 extras from every part of Serbia. URI is debut film of talented director Aditya Dhar, who also penned the script inspired by the real military event from September 2016 when the Indian soldiers in the URI base in Kashmir experienced a terrorist attack by Pakistani extremists and had 19 Indian soldiers killed.

Numerous attractive locations throughout the country and most specifically Old Mountain (Stara Planina) deserve the nickname “Serbian Kashmir”, since the director, originally born in Kashmir, was quite surprised by the incredible similarity of Serbian, still not so touristy explored mountain, and the famous Indian region. This was the second time Indian film productions used slopes of Old Mountain for Kashmir.

Production of this film demanded enormous effort regarding production design, stunts and SFX. The production designers once again confirmed their talent and professionalism. Sets made throughout Serbia managed to represent URI bases in Kashmir, Myanmar as the backdrop for Pakistani terrorist bases. This would be impossible without great support of local government and institutions to the film crew. Clockwork Film Production owes its greatest gratitude to the Army of Serbia and the Ministry of Defense, which once again demonstrated its expertise and readiness to cooperate with foreign film producers at any time. This is the third foreign film that was filmed at Batajnica military airport, and one of the locations of this film include the military barracks “General Pavle Jurišić Šturm”, in Požarevac, where the production team spent 15 days.

The cast, warmly welcomed by critics, lead Vicky Kaushal, Yami Gautam, Kirthi Kulhari, Paresh Rawal and Mohit Raina. While shooting URI, Clockwork Production hosted the most diverse acting and stuntmen crew from Thailand, Indochina, the Netherlands, France, Malaysia, Sri Lanka that made the working experience truly global.

Belgrade reimagined as Green City

Belgrade reimagined as Green City

Belgrade locations have been incarnated as Paris, Moscow, Rome, Barcelona, Baltimore, Stockholm among many other cities through hundreds of commercials and features. In collaboration between German Serviceplan, Tony Petersen Film and Serbian Emote the new commercial for German retail chain Penny brings a new very organic and highly inspiring face of Serbian Capital.

Campaign aims to raise awareness of organic products and features stunning set design works in combination with CG and VFX done by Liga01 / Sehsucht. The chant song of the video is led by German queen of pop Nena who’s visit to Serbian capital draw attention of small number of paparazzi.

Four days of shooting included the very heart of Belgrade downtown, famous New Belgrade “blocks” ending in the final scene of lavishly green train bridge over Sava river. Director Martin Aamund and DoP Julian Hohndorf with sort of a trademark in shooting massive scenes, inhabited over 400 extras in the main scene making it over one thousand extras in the entire project. The number of people in all departments spanned between 150-200 on each day which is a rare case for a TVC and there were doubts that Belgrade can pull it off, but Emote did it.

“This was the most ambitious project that we have ever completed in the city downtown due to the fact that a lot of greenery you see is real set dressing. The main kudos for this go to production designer Tommy Stark and local production designer Sanela Spajić and their mutual team. Liga 01 /Sehsucht than added some of CG magic in the establishing shots, inspiring us to see Belgrade in the new eyes”, says Marija Marković who line produced TVC on behalf of Emote Belgrade.

This is one of the more than 50 TVC that has benefited from 25 % Cash Rebate.

The abundant scenery and number of details in this TVC is such that we only hope to see more spin offs and inside stories. In the meantime enjoy the full video and behind the scenes gallery.

Agency:  Serviceplan Campaign

Client: PENNY

Production: Tony Petersen Film GmbH

Exec. Producer: Volker Steinmetz

Director: Martin Aamund

DoP: Julian Hohndorf

Director of Sound: Thomas Martin

Audio Production:  Jesper Gadeberg / Sizzer

Post Production / VFX: Liga01 / Sehsucht


Service Production: Emote

Exec. Producer SRB: Bogdan Petković

Line producer SRB: Marija Marković

Production Designer SRB: Sanela Spajić

Location Manager: Kristina Marković



Serbian Employment Agency has recognized the need for hiring more people in film industry due to increasing number of shootings in Serbia. That was the reason why it has included in its training catalog courses for scene, camera and lighting technicians, film accountants and VFX generalists. All these courses are intended to unemployed people, as initial training program for future specialization in the field of VFX production, animation and 3D computer generated images.

Serbia Film Commission, together with Mokra Gora School of Management, Crater VFX Training Center, Crowe RS and rental houses, organizes those courses in order to provide not only trainings, but recommendations for employment, aiming to enlarge number of film crews in Serbia.

Trainings are for free and designed for unemployed people registered in Employment Agency. They will last 3 months, and to attend them you need to apply at your employment advisers in municipal branches of Employment Agency. 

Visit Employment Agency website to find more information about this training program. 

Application deadline and info day when candidates will meet-up is scheduled for October 24th in Belgrade branch of Employment Agency (Gundulićev venac 22-24).

***NEW INFO DAY for training for scene, camera and lighting technicians is scheduled for November 6th, in Belgrade branch (Gundulićev venac 22-24).

List of Employment Agency branches find on link




Serbia Film Commission in synergy with Crater VFX Training Center and VFX Serbia portal, is hosting for the second time CGA Belgrade Conference on November 16th and 17th, 2018, dedicated to computer graphics and digital arts to which success community of over 12 studios of SFC members is contributing. Yugoslav Film Archive will serve as home of the gathering some of the most important world names from the industry of visual effects, animation, gaming and digital art, which makes event unique in the region, with ambitions to become a permanent platform for networking between artists, studios, producers and everyone interested in computer generated imagery.

After first CGA Belgrade Conference in 2017 attracted more than five hundred visitors for the second edition, we prepared even more programme tracks and content through the most interesting interaction of film, gaming and IT industry. The main program of the conference over the two days will include more than fifteen lectures, panels and presentations equally interesting to professionals, students, and those who are considering redirecting their career into the computer graphics industry.

The biggest star of this CGA Belgrade conference will be Mike Seymour, founder of VFX Guide and ambassador of technological development of computer animation, whose online platform was the starting point for generations of artists around the world. Designing the look and some of the scenes in Blade Runner 2049 movie will be presented by Shahin Toosi, while Victor Perez will talk about how the experience he gained on film series such as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” can be applied on projects with a much smaller budget. Alongside a number of foreign lecturers from the academic and professional CG world, a number of successful Serbian studios and freelance artists will present projects realized in cooperation with international clients and partners in film, advertising, and gaming industry.

Virtual reality fans will be able to get into the experiences created by digital artists and production studios and directly in the virtual environment to walk through the largest domestic VFX studios. In addition to this, the CGA Belgrade Conference this year opens the opportunity for meeting recruiters from Framestore, Pixomondo and Cinesite, who will be introduced to local talents in Belgrade and exchange ideas on the projects they are currently working on, as well as on the possibilities for potential cooperation.

Together with the main program of CGA Belgrade, two workshops will be held: VFX Production Management Workshop  dedicated to producers in VFX led by Andrew Brasington from the London based Escape Studios. After the conference Film Skills Academy fifth workshop dedicated to the training of Maya Technical Directors will take place November 19-23rd, focusing on scripting ​​and architecture of Maya software under the hood led by Serguei Kalentchouk.

The Conference is announced by the teaser video “Awakening”, whose original idea and creation was a joint project over 14 studios of SFC members.

Organization of the Conference was supported in partnership with the leading global companies: Autodesk, Foundry, Chaos Group, 3 Lateral and Epic Games as diamond partner. The conference received institutional support from the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Embassy of Canada in Belgrade and the Spanish Cultural Promotion Agency, as well as the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia within the Program for Business Capacity Building in the IT sector, which is being implemented in cooperation with UNDP. CGA Belgrade is being held under the patronage of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with its Creative Industries Council, and within the framework of the Serbia Creates Platform, which aims to represent Serbian talents, innovation and digital community. 


Filming in Serbia – Do You Need a Residence Permit?

Filming in Serbia – Do You Need a Residence Permit?

Over the last few years, Serbia increased its efforts in supporting the film industry and encouraging foreign productions to shoot in Serbia.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Serbian Government doubled the budget for investment in the film industry in Serbia at the beginning of 2018 by introducing the Decree on Incentivizing Investments in the Production of Audio-Visual Works.  In this respect, the most noteworthy change is the improvement in the position of foreign actors and production crew members who are engaged for production of audio-visual work in Serbia.

As a general rule of thumb, foreigners who are members of production crews or actors’ groups no longer have to obtain work permits in order to shoot in Serbia.  However, if the filming period is longer than 90 days, foreigners will have to obtain a permit for temporary residence in Serbia.  This is a significant improvement as the procedure of obtaining a temporary residence permit in Serbia is less complex and more streamlined than the procedure of obtaining a work permit.

On the other hand despite the latest changes of the Foreigners Act and bylaws related to obtaining temporary residence permit, not much has changed, in addition to the general formal requirements, foreign production crew members and actors have to satisfy an additional prerequisite as to obtain a temporary residence permit.  Our practice has proven that in most cases they have to prove that they are members of a production crew and/or actors’ group – this is typically satisfied by providing an executed agreement with the producer of an audio-visual work and that they are seconded to Serbia to produce the audio-visual work, but Serbian Ministry of Interior, Foreigners Department authorities may require additional documents if the provided agreement does not suffice.

The procedure of obtaining a temporary residence permit usually lasts up to 4 weeks whereas the residence permits are issued for a period of up to one year.  If the filming lasts longer than a year, the validity of residence permit may be prolonged by an additional year and so on.

The significant decrease in administrative requirements regarding foreign production crew members, coupled with other incentives in Serbia, give rise to the idea that Serbia will become an even more attractive international filming destination.

This text is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Should you require any additional information, feel free to contact our memebers:

 Marija Oreški Tomašević, Partner

SOG / Samardžić, Oreški & Grbović Law Firm

Nevena Milošević, Associate

SOG / Samardžić, Oreški & Grbović Law Firm



Production companies from India are increasingly choosing Serbia when it comes to locations for shooting. 2018 marks the busiest year for Serbian production service companies in relation to Indian market. Due to the introduction to non visa regime and increase in cash rebate to 25% Serbia has become new go to destination for Indian filmmakers. From June to August Indian films URI and Chekka Chivantha Vaanam were almost simultaneously shot on locations in Serbia which cumulated 100 shooting days serviced by Clockwork Film Production in the past 12 months.

After successful collaboration with Clockwork Film Production on Into the Wild, Mani Ratnam, one of the most internationally awarded Indian directors, returned to Serbia for his upcoming Tamil-language action thriller Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (English: Crimson Red Sky). The film features an ensemble cast including Arvind Swami, Silambarasan, Vijay Sethupathi and Arun Vijay as the lead actors, with a supporting female cast led by Jyothika, Aishwarya Rajesh, Aditi Rao Hydari and Dayana Erappa. It is produced by Mani Ratnam and Subaskaran under their banners Madras Talkies and Lyca Productions. Music composed A. R. Rahman, as for other Ratman’s films. Shooting commenced in February at the outskirts of Chennai, completed in June in Serbia, again with great support of Clockwork Film, and it was qualified for the incentive program of the Ministry of Economy of Serbia. The film has been shown in India on 29th of September 2018 along with its dubbed Telugu version Nawab.

Požarevac and Stara planina were perfect locations for shooting Bollywood drama Uri, directed and written by debutant Aditya Dhar and produced by Ronnie Screwvala’s production arm RSVP. It is all about surgical strike carried out by Indian army on Pakistani terrorists positioned across the Line of Control. Their work in Serbia, which lasted for two months (one part of the movie was shot in India), was successfully done thanks to great cooperation Serbian film crews have with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia and Serbian army. Sets made for Uri demanded the construction and intervention of local production designers to faithfully show the territory of India, Myanmar and Kashmir. Special forces were portraited with stuntmen team from Asia, Europe and Thailand combined with 600 extras. Film is in post-production with release scheduled for February 2019. Experienced team of Clockwork Film Production again proved to be reliable partner for Indian market.

This huge success of Clockwork Film was announced by July premiered Soorma (The Warrior). This biographical sports hero drama based on the life of hockey player Sandeep Singh, was directed by Shaad Ali, produced by Sony Pictures Networks India and assisted by Clockwork Film for parts shot in Serbia, in the end of 2017. The story of the hockey player Sandeep Singh, played by Punjab star Diljit Dosanjh, victim of accidental gunshot that interrupted his career. Locations in Novi Sad and Belgrade served to portray Singh’s recovery period spent in Europe with supporting cast from Serbian Paralympics team. To celebrate all accomplishments during past year Clockwork Film will organize special screening of Soorma in Yugoslav Film Archive in the end of October for Film Friendly partners.

And it is not only film locations and European looks that have attracted Indian production companies to partner with Serbian conterparts. The other area of collaboration is high end visual effects for Bollywood and box office blockbuster titles. Serbian VFX studios have been collaborating with India advertising market in delivering VFX works, but after the success of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, the doors have opened for new projects that required high standards and creative dedication to the final look.

The upcoming epic adventure Thugs of Hindoustan with Aamir Khan, Katarina Kaif and Amitabh Bachchan directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Yash Raj Films, is the latest release where Serbian team behind Crater Studio paired to deliver the action packed scenes and breathtaking sea combats in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean. Crater Studio portfolio of films for US market have made them specialists for water simulations, so their expertise came to support the segments of Thugs in creating CG sea rocks, water simulations and destruction of ships in the ambush scene.

The other one is long awaited sequel to the Enthiran titled 2.0 done in collaboration with several East European studios where Belgrade based Crater Studio joined the project for final touches.


Belgrade Escape-First Chinese Film shooting in Serbia

Belgrade Escape-First Chinese Film shooting in Serbia

Belgrade continues to grow the status of one of the most attractive locations for shooting in Europe. This August the first Chinese feature film Belgrade Escape wrapped in Serbia after 30 shooting days that started in locations of city center. The film is collaboration between Broken Star Films from Beijing and Emote Productions from Belgrade who serviced the production. Thanks to the introduction of a visa-free regime between China and Serbia, as well as a cooperation agreement in the field of film and culture signed between the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Ministry of Culture of the city of Beijing, Serbia is becoming an increasingly attractive European destination for the giant Chinese film industry. The film is one of the projects that will benefit from 25% cash rebate incentive programme of the Ministry of Economy.

Directed by the debutante Wang Zhongyan, Belgrade Escape main roles are led by Andrew Kai Lin and Serbian actor Dragan Mićanović, playing his opponent. Although complete cast is from China, all members of the team behind the cameras, about 70 people, are from Serbia, which makes a total of 105 people in the film crew. Languages that will be heard in the film are Serbian, Chinese and English.

Director of the film, Wang Zhongyan, said that he chose Belgrade for shooting because of his East European spirit and atmosphere, good geographical position and favorable conditions for filming, although he stylistically relies on the giants of Chinese action movie as well as contemporary Hollywood films. Students’ campus and downtown were some of the shooting locations.

“This is a movie paradise that has been missed. Serbia and Belgrade have such a rich history, an unimaginable imagination; people are passionate and full of energy. Film professionals respect their job and love movies, they are experienced and loyal to their duties and they were great partners in this project – for the whole cast and me, as a director. In fact, every filming is a battle – not only you have to pick the location for the battle, but also, you have to find a trusted comrade. This is a place worth returning to lead another battle”, says Wang.

It is interesting to mention that, the main actor, Andrew Lin, popular in his country for roles in action films, began his career as a makeup artist, and he also dealt with special effects, which brought him in Hollywood. He has been acting in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the last 20 years. One of the most famous films in which he participated, certainly is “Man with Iron Fists,” from 2012 with Russell Crowe and Lucy Lee.

The overall experience working with Serbian Film Crews and locations used in Belgrade Escape give way to more projects from China shooting in Serbia.

Last year Belgrade became an inspiration for the documentary “Where the Sava Flows”, written and directed by Shangai bestseller author Chen Danyan, known with her multi million fan base as Madam Chen. Film was produced by Tang Media Partners and Shanghai Media Group – one of China’s largest media and cultural conglomerates that also produced Kung Fu Panda 3, Earth: One Amazing Day and Born in China. The executive producer in Serbia is Vision Team who took over the complete production and creative support for the film that portrays Belgrade recent history, cultural events, relevant cultural institutions like Museum of Contemporary Art and publishing house “Prosveta“. Belgrade streets inspired Madam Chen to try driving a motorbike, and like a real biker she filmed some exciting shots of the capital. World premier is expected at Shanghai International Film Festival 2019.

Serbia Film Commission recently produced a special edition of the Production guide for filming in Serbia in Chinese and English available HERE.

SFC General Assembly Meeting

SFC General Assembly Meeting

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, the Crowne Plaza Hotel hosted the ninth annual Assembly of the Serbian Film Commission. On this occasion, the work of SFC in the previous year was presented, as well as numerous activities and projects in the field of promotion, education and development of the industry in which SFC participated.

Among the most important projects, four fam tours organized for representatives of Italian, Indian, British and American production companies were especially pointed out, as well as joint presentation of SFC and Film Center Serbia on the market of India, launch of the Computer Graphics and Arts Belgrade conference (CGA Belgrade) and strengthening the domestic visual effects industry.

In 2017 and 2018, SFC got 12 new members: SKA Team, Production House, AK Marić Mujezinović / Kinstellar, WaveForm 10, Cash Back Imo, Familiy Film, FAME Solutions, Fried Studio, Helivideo, Bunker VFX, Saint Ten and Atlas Security .

After the presentation of Executive Director Milica Božanić, a discussion took place among the present members, during which two topics were highlighted and they will get special attention in the following period: improvement of the program of incentives of the Ministry of Economy for filming in Serbia and strengthening of marketing and promotion of Serbia to distant markets where we have the advantage of a visa-free regime, such as China and India.

Members then voted for the new Board of Directors of the SFC, which will focus on the implementation of all these topics. New members of the Board with the mandate 2018/2019 are:

Marko Jocić (Viktorija Film), Miloš Đukelić (Red Art Workshop), Alek Conić (Clockwork Film Production), Vuk Marjanović (Cyber ​​Few Good Men), Goran Đikić (Media Plus), Dragan Đurković (Vision Team), Barbara Sandić Štetić ( PFI Studios), Ivan Pribićević (DigitalKraft) and Nemanja Mihajlović (Hotel Crowne Plaza)

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors, Dragan Đurković and Alek Conić were elected as the President and Vice president of the SFC.

Marketing materials presented during the Assembly are available on SFC Issuu account.

After the Assembly, partners of SFC, such as DHL, ACB Insurance as well as colleagues who are in the process of joining the association, joined members of the association at a small banquet.

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