Film in Serbia
• Avala Studios opens new studio capacities in Surcin

Avala Studios opens new studio capacities in Surcin

Belgrade 28.03.2017. – After the privatisation of Avala Film studios, powerhouse of film industry in former Yugoslavia and president’s Tito pride and joy, new management is gearing up for incoming film productions in Serbia with reconstruction works of the 30 hectares film estate. Located in one of the city’s favorite green parks Kosutnjak reconstruction plans are underway to return the glory to film studios into modern filming facility with all requirements for high quality international productions. The new brand of Avala Studios Beograd will be honoring the legacy of old Avala Film. At the same time successor company Avala Film Way has established cooperation on preservation of Avala film heritage and former Yugoslav film history. This way editing equipment from 60s and 80s became part of the Science and Technology Museum collection while Faculty of Applied Arts is working on restoration of costumes from the long list of credits and projects produced in Avala. Some items will be used for future period pieces while others will become museum exhibits. 

Alongside the reconstruction Avala Film Way opened new studio facility in Surčin, Belgrade suburb close to highway to Novi Sad. New studio Surcin in total size of 800m2 and 8m high is equipped into a studio from a former industrial building and in technical capacities ready for production of advertising projects. In addition to studio space new facility offers 200m2 in production offices, make up and director’s rooms with high speed internet. Detailed information of the studio floorplan is available on the following link.