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• SFC General Assembly Meeting

SFC General Assembly Meeting

SFC General Assembly Meeting

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, the Crowne Plaza Hotel hosted the ninth annual Assembly of the Serbian Film Commission. On this occasion, the work of SFC in the previous year was presented, as well as numerous activities and projects in the field of promotion, education and development of the industry in which SFC participated.

Among the most important projects, four fam tours organized for representatives of Italian, Indian, British and American production companies were especially pointed out, as well as joint presentation of SFC and Film Center Serbia on the market of India, launch of the Computer Graphics and Arts Belgrade conference (CGA Belgrade) and strengthening the domestic visual effects industry.

In 2017 and 2018, SFC got 12 new members: SKA Team, Production House, AK Marić Mujezinović / Kinstellar, WaveForm 10, Cash Back Imo, Familiy Film, FAME Solutions, Fried Studio, Helivideo, Bunker VFX, Saint Ten and Atlas Security .

After the presentation of Executive Director Milica Božanić, a discussion took place among the present members, during which two topics were highlighted and they will get special attention in the following period: improvement of the program of incentives of the Ministry of Economy for filming in Serbia and strengthening of marketing and promotion of Serbia to distant markets where we have the advantage of a visa-free regime, such as China and India.

Members then voted for the new Board of Directors of the SFC, which will focus on the implementation of all these topics. New members of the Board with the mandate 2018/2019 are:

Marko Jocić (Viktorija Film), Miloš Đukelić (Red Art Workshop), Alek Conić (Clockwork Film Production), Vuk Marjanović (Cyber ​​Few Good Men), Goran Đikić (Media Plus), Dragan Đurković (Vision Team), Barbara Sandić Štetić ( PFI Studios), Ivan Pribićević (DigitalKraft) and Nemanja Mihajlović (Hotel Crowne Plaza)

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors, Dragan Đurković and Alek Conić were elected as the President and Vice president of the SFC.

Marketing materials presented during the Assembly are available on SFC Issuu account.

After the Assembly, partners of SFC, such as DHL, ACB Insurance as well as colleagues who are in the process of joining the association, joined members of the association at a small banquet.

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