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• Film Skills Academy new training edition starts May

Film Skills Academy new training edition starts May

Film Skills Academy new training edition starts May

Serbia Film Commission is starting the Film Skills Academy – a training programme aimed at providing training for technical (on-set) film skills and post-production. The total of 6 trainings are modular and structured to appeal to beginners, intermediates and advanced level participants. Tutors are selected among industry experts with established international portfolio. With this project SFC is working on creating a year-long training programme that will be a platform for quality and continuous education in film production and expanding the spectre of people trained to work in film industry.

 Film Skills Academy 2018 will be delivered from May to August, starting with most popular courses such as Scheduling and Budgeting in Movie Magic and Location Management. Production Management and Production Accounting will be focusing on experienced producers and people working in the financial side of the film production, while Grips, Gaffers and Lightning Assistants will be assisted with brand new training as well as growing demand for VFX Technical Directors. The methodology will combine lecture, practical demonstrations using project simulation, group work and one-to-one tuition, incorporating valuable advice from experienced producer’s point of view.

 Serbia Film Skills Academy project came as an initiative of both, SFC and its partner organisations, following the needs and demands of members of SFC and growing international filming in Serbia that had doubled since the introduction of 25% cash rebate. This project is  extremely important as it allows us to coordinate a number of very different courses and disciplines crucial for skillful film crews. This approach allows us to develop a single entry point for different courses and to design and deliver those courses in partnership with different  service providers, education partners and university whilst raising awareness of the career paths inside broad filmmaking industry addressing both graduates and already working professionals.

 The project aims to introduce newly-skilled crew into the Serbian film industry. To assist in the process of moving course graduates into employment, SFC will work with members to develop internship or hands-on experience on film and television productions.

Complete list of trainings and call for registrations will be published in Training and Events section respectively. Early registration and detailed information regarding upcoming trainings are also available via trening@filminserbia.com.

This project is supported by UNDP.