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Film Friendly Serbia

film_friendly_serbia1Film Friendly Serbia is a program originally created by the Serbia Film Commission specifically to improve the cooperation between the film industry and the public sector. The program essentially standardizes film permitting processes, rates and time-frames and thereby improves the environment for all filmmakers working in Serbia.

It helps public bodies, the government, various ministries, municipalities, public institutions that are in charge of managing filming locations and issuing film permits to build capacity as they provide highly professional and efficient support to the film and television industries.

A set of criteria has been developed that participating organizations need to meet in order to be certified by the SFC as „film friendly“. This website features municipalities, ministries and other public institutions that have already been certified. So far, 28 towns and municipalities and 3 institutions have been certified as film friendly. Many more are currently undertaking this process which includes specific training and evaluations by a committee specifically formed for this purpose.