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• ICA courses for colorists

ICA courses for colorists

luxmedia 18-Z36CSerbia Film Commission in cooperation with International Colorist Academy brought original world renowned ICA courses to Belgrade.

Colorist Strategies is the most popular ICA class and is designed for industry professionals. It covers colorist theory and a detailed look at color tools and also suggests grading strategies, and session management techniques.

The course was especially useful for:

-new colorists (gives them a learning structure to follow)

-colorists who only know one system ( introduces them to other systems, how and why they are different)

-freelance and supervising colorists (expands their knowledge of workflow and technical specifications)

Reputable ICA certificates received 12 participants.

Advanced Color Design is a new practical workshop aimed at everyone involved in designing the look and style of a project.  The focus was on the principal elements of an image that clients of commercials, television and feature films all relate to; techniques cover skin, sky, products, mood and time of day as well as topics raised by the attendees. The goal was to manage these elements effectively and efficiently whilst maintaining the integrity of the project concepts and a color scheme.

Reputable ICA certificates received 9 participants.

About lecturer:

Kevin Shaw, ICA’s founder, has been color grading for nearly 30 years, lives in England, and works all over the world. Prior to the software revolution he was a renowned telecine colorist, and worked with every model of the hardware da Vinci color correction systems up to and including the 2kPlus with Toolbox. He gained a BA (Hons) degree in Photography Film and Television in 1984, and worked as a stills photographer for a year, before finding his way into post-production.


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