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• Biljeska stena viewpoint

Biljeska stena viewpoint

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Biljeska stena viewpoint
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Bilješka stena viewpoint is located about 6 km north of Predov Krst. From NP Tara administration office at Predov Krst educational trail follows the forest road and takes you to this site. Viewpoint is a habitat to the Serbian spruce, one of the most important species of the park, also there are centuries-old pines, mixed forests of deciduous and conifer trees and characteristic canyon vegetation. From this point you can see the high limestone slopes of the beautiful Drina River canyon, chamois on the rocks and eagles in flight. Across the river Drina, you can see Klotijevac, the medieval fortress in Bosnia or even older Sase mine.

This site is equipped with wooden furniture, benches and tables.