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Dama Retreats

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Dama Retreats
Location address:
Zorana Điniđića bb, Surčin
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Serbia Film Commission
Phone: 00 381 11 4059 961

Large estate (10 000 m2) in Surčin on a property of 100 hectares, inspired by Anglo-Saxon residential houses, is Dama Retreats. Built in 1999, it is equipped with antique furniture that origins from Bali and Indonesia with spacious rooms, long stairs and ceiling high 7-8 m.

Within this one big estate you can find variety of amenities such as: SPA, pool room, library, living room, office space, dining room, three kitchens (one professional), restaurant on two levels, apartment and five suits.

What makes this house also special is 1500 m2 concert hall and cinema with lobby, where you can find bar, separated toilets, gallery and video club.

Estate has stunning tree avenue and park, lake and full equipped horse stable (2000 m2). Parking is available for 30 vehicles and trucks and it has good access to the house.


Film – Ekipa, Production Company: House of Cinemašina;

TV Series – Državni službenik, Production Company: Telekom Srbija, Film Danas, Dandelion Productions

TV Series – Besa, Production Company: Antenna Group Studios, Red Planet Pictures