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• Film set “Roma barocca”

Film set “Roma barocca”

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Film set “Roma barocca”
Location address:
KnezaVieslava 88, 11000 Beograd
contact info
Film 87
Phone: +381 11 3549 149

The Film set Roma barocca is located in Belgrade Kosutnjak, built for the film Caravaggio to simulate 16th century Rome. Over the years the set has served to depict different epochs including modern day Italy. The area size covers 110 meters by 95 meters with authentic cobblestone. The average height of the facade is 11 meters and the functional height of the terrace is 8 meters. It has 12 functional soundproof interiors. Production offices, make-up, hair and costume departments are located next to the film set as well as 11 apartments with bathrooms, heating, air conditioning and TV sets. The lot includes a restaurant, catering services, private parking, security and fire department.