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Blederija Waterfall

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Blederija Waterfall
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Blederija Waterfall, an exceptional natural attraction, is located near the village Reka, around 15 km from Kaldovo. The Blederija river source is at the height of 190 m and it flows towards the South-East. The water, which from the height of 7 m and after spilling over a tufa rail, vertically falls down in the form of a water curtain into a tufa tub, a big whirpool or a small lake, is of turquois-green colour. On the side of the big waterfall, there is another small one which, during the summer period, when the water capacity in the river drops, disappears, however it always reappears in the spring when the river is rich in water and when the flow is several hundred meters per sec. Around 2 km above the waterfall, on the right side, there are sub-thermal water springs with the temperature around 17Âșc. Apart from that, in the village Reka, there is the only water mill in this region that is still operational. The road to the waterfall is partially an asphaltand partially a dirt road, so that one can reach quite near the waterfall with a car. A road sign to the waterfall is placed near the site and by the road.