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• Presenting Cinematics Created at the First Official Unreal Fellowship in Serbia!

Presenting Cinematics Created at the First Official Unreal Fellowship in Serbia!

Presenting Cinematics Created at the First Official Unreal Fellowship in Serbia!

July 7th, 2023

Earlier this year, 3Lateral and Epic Games opened their new facilities in the Science and Technology Park in Novi Sad to stimulate the development of creative ideas and gather local creators in one community place. Their first educational program, Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling, drew 15 local 3D artists with extensive experience in video games, film, fashion, advertising, and other creative fields.

After five weeks of intensive training that included frequent lectures, practical work, professional motion capture sessions, and experimentation with various tools from the Unreal Engine system, the Fellows produced 15 projects based on their original scripts. They also used MetaHuman Animator to tell their compelling stories, making this a unique opportunity for them to test its capabilities before others since the tool was officially released only a few days after the program ended.

Besides this, a motion capture studio Take One made a significant contribution to the program, while actors Andrea Ržaničanin and Lazar Đukić breathed life into all the characters created within the Fellowship.

Epic Games has just published an official sizzle reel with all their cinematics on the Unreal Engine channel. Below, you can see the uncut versions of several of these projects, all created by artists from local animation, post-production, and VFX studios in Serbia, mostly SFC members.

Applications for the next iteration of Unreal Fellowship Storytelling (which kicks off by the end of September) are open until August 13. Program and competition details are listed on the Epic Games Novi Sad Artstation page.

Petar Jovović – Once Upon a Time in UE

Petar Jovović, founder and CEO of Crater Studio, joined the Fellowship after decades-long experience in VFX. Yet, it was during the program that he first took a director’s chair.

Ivana Lazarević – Ticket to Portofino

Ivana Lazarević, a 3D generalist from Open Studio, was the only Fellow to model original living creatures, sweet but dangerous, for the purposes of her original project.

Bojan Tikvarovski – if Else

Bojan Tikvarovski from North Macedonia is a well-known name on the regional VFX scene. He spent a month in Novi Sad because of the Fellowship program and, as he says, has not regretted it for a second.

Petar Mihić – ESC

Petar Mihić, an artist from the Digital Kraft studio, used this experience to tell an interesting intergalactic story.

Barbara Abdoli – Story About Kioshi

The project by Barbara Abdoli, a 3D artist from the Fried studio and an ambassador of the CGA conference.

Luka Stefanović – Stuck

Luka Stefanović, a 3D Generalist from the Dreamdust studio, found the inspiration for his story in the performance of Andrea Ržaničanin.

Aleksandar Simović – One Way

Aleksandar Simović from Primer Studio gave his answer to a popular topic and prompted us to re-think the impact of technology on everyday life.

Ognjen Petrović – 3327

The author of the short noir crime story with a simple but effective style is Ognjen Petrović, Director / Editor / Previs Artist from Bunker VFX.