Film in Serbia
• Nenad Arsenijevic

Nenad Arsenijevic

Scriptwriter and Director

Born in 1982, Nenad became an artist from early ages by finishing elementary music school. After graduating in 2005. as Engineer for Audio and Video Technologies, he upgraded himself in several workshops and mini-schools for film production and directing.

At that time, he started his own video production. Soon, his first independent short fiction film Elysium took him on a few film festivals around Europe.

After, he developed his international experience by working for USA market – New York, Africa – Lagos and middle east – Dubai and Doha.

He has experience in TV, brand and film industry. He is creative producer, director, writer and editor. He is involved in ideas brainstorm, scripts developing and writing, detailed organization, shooting supervision and leading all departments in complete post production processes.


B – 13 Ultimatum, director: Patrick Alessandrin
Romance In The Dark, director Rie Rasmussen
The Brothers Bloom, director Rian Johnson
Caravaggio, director Angelo Longoni
I Figli Strappati, director Massimo Spano
Fade To Black, director Oliver Parker
E Ridendo L’uccise, director Florestano Vancini
Il Cuore Nel Pozzo, director Alberto Negrin
Il Servo Ungherese, director Massimo Piesco and Giorgio Molteni
Mathilde, director Nina Mimica
L’ Impero, director Lamberto Bava
I Banchieri Di Dio, director: Giuseppe Ferrara
Papa Buono, director: Giuseppe Ferrara
Il Furto Del Tesoro, director Alberto Sironi
Morte Di Una Ragazza Perbene, director L. Perelli
Banovic Strahinja, director Vatroslav Mimica