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Storyboard workshop


storyboard workshop luxmedia Storyboard plays very important role in film production because it detaily provides a visual layout and effectively describes most of the technical details that will be used during shooting.

After completing storyboard workshop, participants were introduced to the role of the storyboard in film. They gained a skill that is necessary for cooperation with directors, producers and other important collaborators in the preparation of a feature film. They also improved visualization of the scene and learned about all film sectors roles that affect on development of storyboard.

The storyboard workshop was attended by 11 young artists, set designers and graphic designers who have adwanced drawing skills and also have an ambition to upgrade their knowledge and prepare themselves for work in film and TV industry.

Storyboard workshop lecturers:

Kristijan Hranisavljević is illustrator, animator and storyboard artist. He participated in development of numerous short films, animated series, feature films and commercials. He started as a team member in animation studio and now he works as freelance artist. He cooperates with a lot of authors and production companies in Europe, North America, Australia, North Africa and Southwest Asia.

Milutin Petrović is director and film professor. he is well known professionalist with great experience in television, advertising and film field. In the last ten years teaches at art schools in Belgrade. Last year he published a book „52 great film weekends“ with film essays. His feature films are filmovi  “Zemlja istine ljubavi i slobode”, “Jug jugoistok”, “Agi i Ema”.

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