Film in Serbia


Training for production managers is a five-day intensive course which aims to prepare you for working as a production manager in the international film industry. The course will give you an insight into what is required from a production manager, providing a practical overview of the role, its main responsibilities and the key tasks that are essential for a production to run smoothly.  From the creative beginnings to the logistical and detailed planning of the shoot, your trainer will guide you through each stage of pre-production and production, from advising the producer on filming in Serbia to managing your crew and everything in between.

When: October, 17th – 21st, 2018

Where: Avala Studios, Kneza Višeslava 88, Belgrade

Lecturer: Paul Munn

Working language: English. Number of participants limited.

You should bring your laptop.

Detailed agenda is available HERE. 

What you will learn:

Insider knowledge and insight into the vital role of the production manager, including:

  • The structure of foreign co-productions
  • Review of all crew roles and responsibilities
  • Director & Producer Recces and what to look out for
  • Pre-Production Recce with HOD’s
  • What to look out for on a location from a PM’s point of view
  • Production Insurance
  • Legal and contracts
  • Completion Bond
  • Permits and procedures
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Assessments, Location and Studio
  • Stunts and Pyrotechnics
  • Working with your Production Accountant and HOD’s
  • Working with Cast and Contracting effectively
  • SAG and its implications in Serbia
  • Managing spend, purchase orders and contract
  • Call Sheets and Progress reports
  • Cost Reporting to producers, funders and Completion Bond

Who is this course for:

The course is aimed at experienced active professionals within the Serbian film industry looking to step up or across. You should have experience in either feature films and/or high-end television drama, in the following fields or above: 1st AD, 2nd Assistant Director, Production Coordinator, Location Manager, Assistant Location Manager, Unit Manager, Production Accountant, 1st Assistant Accountant.

You should also have some knowledge of how Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting work.

Course goals:

  • Gained knowledge and understanding of the processes of preparation, production and post production and the role the production manager plays in the process
  • Why preparation of a production is 80% of a productions managers work
  • Office management practices and people management (cast and crew)
  • Receive expert advice on how to contract crew and cast
  • Looking at third party hire (equipment etc), insurance, completion bond and legal issues
  • Understand Film Risk Assessments and Health & Safety
  • Gain and understanding of above the line and below the line accounts
  • Movie Magic budgets and schedules and learning why a schedule comes before a budget
  • Gain and understanding of Post Production workflows (routes and delivery)
  • How to handle a situation that goes wrong

Paul Munn is an experienced producer, line producer and production supervisor. Paul completed his basic training at the BBC Drama department is London. He then went onto work with Walt Disney, Channel Four, Fox TV, ITV, Sky Films, Saban Films, Buena Vista, plus many small independents all over the World. He is also a member of the Production Guild of Great Britain.

See Paul`s IMDb profile. 


To attend training please submit your registration through THIS LINK.

Deadline: October 12, 2018

Registration fee: 150,00 EUR

For all additional information contact us by email or call 00 381 11 4059961. This project is supported by UNDP.