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Beočin Municipality is located in the central part of Vojvodina Province, at the North-West of Serbia. Its territory is in the Northern part of Srem but according to administrative division it is a part of the Southern Bačka County. The Danube flows along the Northern part of the Municipality and separates the area of the Municipality from the territory of the City of Novi Sad. Southern part of the Municipality embraces the slopes of Fruška gora Mountain. On its Northern side, Beočin Municipality partly borders the Municipality of Bački Petrovac, at the Northern-East with the Municipality of Novi Sad, and on the North-West with the Municipality of Bačka Palanka. On the South-East side it borders Irig Municipality, and on the South-West the Municipality of Sremska Mitrovica. Novi Sad, the administrative center of  Vojvodina province, is 17 km from Beočin.

The Municipality covers an area of 186 km2 and is one of the smallest municipalities in South Bačka County. According to the 2011 census, the total population of the Municipality is 15,726 with the total of 5,577 households. The population density is 84 people per a square kilometer, which is below the Serbian average. The Municipality is of rectangular shape stretching 7-10 km in the direction North-South and in the East-West direction it elongates for 27 km.

The area of Beočin Municipality features both hills and lowlands. The entire territory of the Municipality is leaning northwards, the highest level being Fruška gora, and the lowest part falling down to the alluvial soil of the Danube. According to the available referenced material, the relief of Beočin Municipality can be divided into five geomorphological units: the mountainous area, a plateau, valleys, and alluvial flat of the Danube.

Sights of tourist or geographic interest in the territory of your Municipality:

The Beočin Monastery, the Rakovac Monastery, the Old Špicer Palace, seven Christian Orthodox churches, three Roman Catholic  churches,  one Evangelist church and a Muslim community  center, the Heritage Museum in Čerević, the Gradina archeological site  in Rakovac, the White Quarry in Rakovac, the Ravne Palace in Sviloš, Andrevlje resort with a congress center, the sandy beach along the Danube in Beočin, the excursion areas on Brankovac, Zmajevac, Osovlje and Hladna voda, the children’s holiday camp of Testera, the Wine Route passing through Beočin Municipality, the Atos Koruška restaurant, etc.

Beočin has a relatively good traffic–communication and strategic position, and its potential in this regard far exceeds the present use. Municipality has a position that is favorable in terms of transit, and it is partly near the border. It has good traffic connections with more immediate as well as farther surroundings, primarily by the road to Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica, Belgrade and the border crossing towards the Republic of Croatia.


Geographical position

GPS:  45°11′32″N19°43′13″E
Population: 7839
Distance from the airport:  80 km from “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade, and 40 km from the Čenej airport
Distance from the Capital: 100km

The Municipality boasts important road traffic corridors, namely:
–  National road class II no 116, Novi Sad – Beočin – Croatian border;
–  Municipal roads Rakovac-Zmajevac and Irig – Vrdnik – Rakovac;
–  National road class II no 125 connecting Beočin with Sremska Mitrovica.

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