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The City of Loznica is in Western Serbia, 3 km from the river Drina, at the foot of the forest-covered Gučevo mountain. The area of the city covers 612 km², and some 80 thousand people live in its 54 settlements. City is economic, traffic, and cultural center of this part of Podrinje. Its natural position provides for mild climate with many warm days in a year and small fluctuations of temperature.

Loznica – the birthplace of Jovan Cvijić and Miodrag Mića Popović. The sights of interest: historical trench, church, cultural center, gallery, museum, etc.

Gučevo – mountain with the charnel house from the First World War (Crni vrh, 779 m), 16 km from Loznica

Cer – mountain with the charnel house from the First World War (Tekeriš), 35 km from Loznica

Banja Koviljača – a natural mineral spa, known as the “King’s spa” or “Podrinje Beauty”, 6 km from Loznica

Gornja Koviljača – “The Sun River“ sports and recreational center on the Drina River: sports grounds, horse farm, beach, etc., 15 km from Loznica

Tršić – the birthplace of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić has a status of a very significant place. The appearance: a 19th century Dinar style ethnic village. The sights of interest: memorial home of Vuk Karadžić, museums, galleries, log cabin church. Distance: 7 km from Loznica

Tronoša – Medieval Monastery, the legacy of King Dragutin and Queen Katelina. It is specific because of the folk tradition associated with “the Field Workers’ Candles” (Ratarske sveće). The St. Panteleimon’s chapel with “Nine Jugović Brothers“ fountain is in its vicinity. Distance from Loznica is 17 km.

Drina – the river bordering Republika Srpska, 3 km from Loznica.

The sights of tourist or geographic importance in the territory of the Municipality: Banja Koviljača, Tršić, Tronoša, Drina, Gučevo

Dominant architectural style:

Banja Koviljača – Vienna Secession,

Tronoša – Raška architectural style

Geographical position

GPS44°32′02″N 19°13′16″E
Population:  79.327
Distance from the airport: Belgrade 130 km, Tuzla (Bosnia & Hercegovina) – 75 km
Distance from the Capital: Loznica – Belgrade 135 km

Distance from main traffic facilities: Banja Koviljača is on the national road M-19, Gučevo is on the regional road Banja Koviljača-Gučevo, Tršić is 4 km from the regional road Loznica – Valjevo, Tronoša Monastery is 7 km from the regional road Loznica – Valjevo, Tekeriš is 20 km from the national road M-19. Gornja Koviljača is located on the national road M–19, and national road M–19 passes by the river Drina.

Access roads: national road M- 19, regional road Loznica – Valjevo


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