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Majdanpek Municipality is in the Northern part of East Serbia covering the largest forest and mining area in East Serbia. With its 932 km2 Majdanpek is the 11th largest Municipality in Serbia. The territory of the Municipality spreads between Đerdap lake in the North, Miroč (632 m) in the North-East, Deli Jovan (1,133 m) in the East, Stol (1,155 m) in the South, Mali Krš (929 m) and Veliki Krš (1,148 m) in the South-West, Northern slopes of Homolje mountain (923 m) in the West, and Starice (796 m) and Šomrde (803 m) mountain ranges in the North-West.

High tourist potential and exceptional natural resources provide excellent opportunity for the development of Majdanpek Municipality. The Municipality boasts a number of comparative advantages for the development of tourism which, with some adjustments, can be put to use and included in the international tourist market, but can also be a powerful driver for the development of private entrepreneurship, culture, and sports.

The territory of the Municipality hosts the largest nature park, Đerdap, and Miroč mountain and village of the same-name which represent a single natural and ethnic heritage unit; Starica mountain which is convenient for mountaineering, Valja Prerast – a natural stone bridge with a span of 150 m, the height of upper arch edge of 26 m, and the width of the bottom opening at the height of river bed of 9.7 m; Beli izvor in Rudna glava, and Veliki zaton man-made lake which is a significant fishing area.

Đerdap Nature Park is a valuable natural asset. It spreads across 63,608.45 ha embracing the area of further two municipalities (Golubac and Kladovo). The area of the Nature Park hosts more than 50 forest communities out of which 35 are relict ones, 70 different mammals and more than 200 bird species, and more than 60 fish species were identified in its waters. A large number of protected nature assets featuring specific flora and vegetation of relict species, as well as immovable cultural assets, can be found in the National Park protected area, namely: strict nature reserves (Šomrda, čoka Njalta with Pesača, Lepenski vir, Kanjon Boljetinske reke – Greben, Ciganski potok, Konjska glava).

Its rich cultural heritage consists of:

1.   Archeological sites Rudna glava and Lepenski vir, and immovable cultural assets of exceptional value;
2.   The old smeltery in Majdanpek as an immovable cultural asset of high importance;
3.   Ravna archeological site,
4.   Veliki Gradac and Banja archeological sites,

The archeological sites of Mala livadica, Velika livadica, Ribnica, Ciganija, Malo Golubinje, Veliko Golubinje, Boljetinska river, Kastel as immovable cultural assets.

Rich cultural heritage include the Church of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles in Majdanpek, the Church of St. Nicolas in Donji Milanovac, the Captain Miša’s Quarters and Tenka’s House in Donji Milanovac.

Geographical position

GPS: 44°25′17″N 21°56′05″E
Population: 7699
Distance from airport: The distance from “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade is 200 km, and it is the same from “Tsar Konstantin” airport in Niš.
Distance from Capital: 192 km

Majdanpek Municipality is 131 km from Belgrade-Niš E75 motorway from the direction of Požarevac and 170 km from the direction of Paraćin.

Two national roads pass through Majdanpek Municipality, namely M 24 (Požarevac – Kučevo – Majdanpek – Negotin) and M 25-1 (Požarevac – Veliko Gradište – Golubac – Donji Milanovac – Kladovo), connecting the Municipality with E 75 (Belgrade – Niš motorway). Rеgiоnаl roads in Municipality are R-104 (Brzа Pаlаnkа – Mirоč – Pоrеčki mоst – Mаjdаnpеk – Dеbеli Lug – Jаsikоvо – Žаgubicа), R-104а (Jаsikоvо – Vlаоlе – Gоrnjаnе – Bоr), and R-106 (Pоrеčki mоst – Milоšеvа kulа –Zаgrаđе – Zаjеčаr – Bоr). Road facilities are supplemented by 172 km of local non-classified roads.

The Danube flows for 54 km along the Northern border of Majdanpek Municipality. This navigable path is a part of Corridor 7  Rein – Mein – Danube – the Black Sea. The anchorage in Donji Milanovac is 990 km from the Black Sea.

The railways connect the Municipality with Belgrade through Kučevo and Požarevac, and with Niš and Prahovo through Bor and Zaječar. The railways directs connects only four conglomerations: Debeli Lug, Vlaole, Jasikovo, and Leskovo.

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