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The Town of Sombor is located on the far north-west of the Republic of Serbia. With its border crossings at Bezdan and Bogojevo, it links Serbia with the Republic of Croatia, and via Bački Breg border crossing it links it with the Republic of Hungary. It is located between PanEuropean corridors 7 and 10, on the Danube-Tisa-Danube Channel. It has a developed network of local, regional, and national roads.
Dunav, Bajski kanal (Bajski Channel), Veliki bački kanal-Kišov kanal (Great Backi Channel – the Kis Channel), Kanal Dunav-Tisa-Dunav (Danube-Tisa-Danube Channel), Čonopljansko jezero (Conopljansko Lake).
With its specific mosaic of in-land and water eco-systems, it is an important site of biological diversity. A large are of swamp forests – virgin forests, swamps and marshes on the benches of the Danube make this area primordially beautiful.
Sombor is an integral part of the specially protected area called “Gornje Podunavlje” (Upper Danube Area) which was placed under the state protection on 20 July 2001 as natural heritage class 1. The “Gornje Podunavlje” specially protected area is of great environmental importance for conservation, protection, and improvement of natural heritage.
The sites of tourist interest may include Zgrada Županije (the County Building), “Milan Konjović” Gallery, Sombor City Museum, Sombor “Laza Kostić” Cultural Centre, Sombor People’s Theatre.
The most important urban area in Sombor is that of the historical centre of the Sombor City called “Venac” (the Garland). It was declared an item of cultural heritage of great importance. This urban matrix was particularly well developed in the period of the end of XVIII century and from the end of the XIX century to the beginning of the First World War, following the principles of regular Baroque urban pattern. The most represented architectural style is the Historicism with its replete richness of Neo style variants in Academicism and Romanticism assemblies (Neo-Gothicism, Romanticism, Neo-Renaissance with tinges of Baroque and Mannerism), Classicism, Eclecticism, and Secession.

Useful addresses:

♦  Tourist Organization of the City of Sombor, Trg cara Lazara 1, Sombor, Tel: +381 25 434350
♦   City Administration of the City of Sombor, Trg cara Uroša 1, Tel: +381 25 468 111
♦   Head of the Economic Sector Department Mr Vladislav Kronić, Tel: +381 25 468146
♦   JP “Vojvodinašume“, Apatinski put 11, Tel: +381 25 463111, +381 25 463115
♦   “Miki” Zoo Garden, Stojana Matića 74, Kolut, Tel: +381 25 804288, Mob: +381 63 568 250
♦   JKP Čistoća, Rade Drakulića 12, Tel: +381 25 25788, fax: +381 25 24 326
♦   “Soko” Sport Centre, Venac Petra Bojovića 11, Tel: +381 25 22082
♦   “Žak” Tennis Club, Park Ive Lole Ribara bb, Tel: +381 25 43673
♦   Sombor People’s Theatre, Trg Koste Trifkovića 2, Tel +381 25 437666, +381 25 24966
♦   Sombor City Development Agency, Trg cara Lazara 1, +381 25 434666
♦   “Magnifiko” Horse Riding School, Slobodan Lazić, +381 64 1770985, horse and carriage rental, rental of other animals


Geographical position

GPS: 45°47′ 19°07′
Population: 85 569
Distance from the airport: 160km
Distance from the Capital: 175km
Access to roads: network of main roads (M17.1 I M18) – 89km, regional roads (P101, P105 I P105.1) – 67km, and local roads – 110km.


Contact person: Mihael Plac
Department: Odeljenje za privredu, Odsek za lokalni ekonomski razvoj
Address: Trg cara Uroša 1
Phone: +381 25 468 160

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