Film in Serbia
• Filming on railways

Filming on railways

For filming in offices of the “Serbian Railways” ad, as well as the Railway Museum, which is a museum within the company, you should contact the Serbian Railway Company’s Media Centre (Medija Centar Železnica Srbije ad)

The procedure is simple: a written application is to be submitted, and it will be promptly processed. The use of any location for which Serbian Railway Company (Železnice Srbije ad) is the competent authority is subject to the payment of an adequate fee.

Contact for filming on railways 

Contact data:
Medija centar “Železnice Srbije” ad (Serbian Railway Company’s Media Centre)
Contact person: Biljana Gordić
Address: Nemanjina 6, 11000 Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 3618 308, +381 11 3681 344