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• Filming at the Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla

Filming at the Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla

When planing to shoot at the Airport we kindly advise you to bare in mind that Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is a border crossing area, and therefore  certain limitations and procedures need to be undertaken and authorised by both Ministry of Interior and Nikola Tesla Airport management. The Airport website provides detailed guidance for inquiries considering both film and media (press). The following rules and guidelines consider all types of photography, videography or commercial filming.

Media representatives are required to announce to Director General of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to fax +381 11 2286 187. For border crossing area additional approval by competent department from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and the approval from Republic of Serbia Ministry of Interior Media Cooperation Bureau is also necessary. To each member of press team special daily permits are issued. Use this form  to file the request for permit.

Should your filming at the airport involves airline property or staff, prior permission of the airline in question must be obtained.

All filmography, photography and other non-press content should be contacted through Commercial Department regarding information on filming fees and assistance with permits:
T: +381 11 209 4025
M: +381 64 8485 019

For updated and detailed information consult the Nikola Tesla Airport Filming permit page while picture gallery of the Airport location is featured in our Location Database.