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• Filming in protected natural areas

Filming in protected natural areas

The request for the permission for filming in nature with protected status I and II, including national parks, should be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection together with proof of payment of the republic administrative fee in the amount of 900,00 dinars.

Information you should provide in the request are:

  • production company name
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • phone
  • PIB for legal entities (if the request for filming is submitted by a natural person, Unique Personal Identification Number should be provided)
  • project specification 
  • exact location for which the application is submitted with coordinates (satellite image showing the boundaries of the area within which filming is planned)

After sending the request, the Ministry obtains an expert oppinion from the competent institute for nature protection. The deadline for the adoption of the professional oppinion is usually 2 weeks, so we invite you to submit a request at least 3 weeks before the shooting. When institute approves filming at the requested location, the Ministry issues an opinion on the fulfillment of the conditions for nature protection, which is a permit for filming in that area. The fee for issuing an opinion is 10,000.00 dinars and is payed after the approval of the institute.

The permission refers to one project only, and a new application should be submitted for each project. 

For a complete notice on the application of Article 9 of the Law on Natural Protection, see the link.

For scouting only, please contact the management of the protected natural area.



Ministry of Environmental Protection

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Phone: +381 11 3131 220