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Embassy Techzones Serbia

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Embassy Techzones Serbia
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Severoistocna industrijska zona BB Indjija
contact info
Embassytechzones d.o.o. Dedinjska 10 Beograd aleksandar.kosovac@embassytechzones.rs
Phone: 381 11 2660 694 /726

The Embassy Techzones Serbia is the maiden venture in Europe of the Embassy Group, a leading Indian real estate development firm. The park is located in the municipality of Indjija, near Belgrade, Serbia – one of the top investment destinations in south east Europe, available for filming.

The business building of modern architecture consisting of ground floor and first floor of a total area of ​​10,000 square meters (single and multi-tenant state-of-the-art offices), is surrounded by landscaped green areas. The space is arranged for business needs according to the principle of open space, where all common rooms are completely arranged and open space is core & shell. There is a large parking space that can accommodate 120 cars and 6 buses.