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• Family home in Lipovička šuma

Family home in Lipovička šuma

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Family home in Lipovička šuma
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Prvog maja, 11262 Velika Moštanica
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Vera Ranković

An old Serbian manor house built in style typical for Central Serbia, located on the one hectare estate in Velika Moštanica (Lipovička šuma). It is 30 kilometres away from Belgrade center, or 30 to 45 minutes drive along the State Road 22. The property consists of two apartments, large atelier and a smaller house with a gallery of paintings and ceramics; it has big terrace with a beautiful view over the rolling hills of Šumadija. There is a lawn on the front side of the house, while an orchard and greenhouses are on the backside. It has plenty of parking space, while well-known restaurant and guest house Stara Srbija is only five hundred meters away.