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• Kabinet Brewery

Kabinet Brewery

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Kabinet Brewery
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Despota Stevana Lazarevica 11, Sopot, 11450 Belgrade
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Kabinet Brewery
Phone: 381 11 2424 478

Kabinet Brewery built in 2013 on the rolling hills of the Kosmaj Mountain, reflecting the style of brutalism. Contemporary building with a spectacular view over near by Rudnik Mountain and Šumadija area, surrounded by 2 hectares including private parking.

This modern building has 360m2 restaurant area dominated by 10m long bar on the upper level, in the minimalistic design with high ceiling. An open space concept with 30 meter long glass walls offers the view over Kosmaj and Šumadija. Ground floor totals 150m2 Wood, concrete and black plasticized steel sheet are main materials used in the interior and exterior.