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Mokrin House

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Mokrin House
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Svetog Save 25, 23305 Mokrin
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Mokrin House
Phone: +381 69 623 678

Situated in village of Mokrin in North Serbia, Mokrin House is a natural meeting point of art, education, design, agriculture, innovation, social development, communication and production that regenerates the typical rural community.

Mokrin House is only 2h 42min from Budapest Ferenc Liszt airport, 2h 26 min from Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport, 1h 31min from Timisoara Traian Vuia airport.

The total area of the property is 35a. Parking lot covered with cameras is approximately 200 m2 and can fit 30 cars both in the garage and outdoors.

Mokrin House consists of 5 buildings:

Building A (salon, a billiards, a large kitchen, dining room, 5 premium rooms)

Building B (reception, 2 floors of multi-functional space)

Building C (restaurant/cafe, space for workshops, lectures, film screenings)

Building D (co-working space on 2 floors)

Building 23 (2 bedrooms, common space, 6 bedrooms)

There are also swimming pool, jacuzzi for 2 persons, outdoor showers, small gym and summer café.