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• The Church of Mother Angelina (Obed Monastery)

The Church of Mother Angelina (Obed Monastery)

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The Church of Mother Angelina (Obed Monastery)
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The Church of Venerable Mother Angelina is one of the most important historical monuments in medieval town Kupinik and Obedska Pond, a special natural reserve, whose geographical and especially biological characteristics are well known.

The church is situated on a small elevation within the horse-shoe of Obedska Pond. The information about the founder of Obed monastery and the precise time of its construction are a mixture of legends and historical facts. Thus, In 1926 the log church was replaced with a brick building. It suffered great damage in World War II and in 2007 it was reconstructed, painted with wonderful frescos and consecrated. Owing to the legend about the manner of its construction and its founder, the church was renamed the church of the Holy Mother Angelina.