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Sterija National Theater

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Sterija National Theater
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Svetosavski trg 6, 26300 Vršac
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Narodno pozorište "Sterija"
Phone: +381 60 037 46 69

The Sterija National Theater is the oldest still operating professional theater in Vršac. It opened on January 2, 1945. There are three entrances to the theater: The main entrance for the audience, the entrance to the small stage “Tomislav Pejčić” and technical input. On the ground floor there is a big stage, audience hall, garage, lounge, acting room, painting, locksmith and a carpenter’s workshop. On the first floor there are: small scene, director’s office, offices for administration, marketing and test room, six dressing rooms, formal lounge, hairdressing, tailoring, electrical workshop and two studios. A garrage is at the back of the inter stage and has a good truck access for loading and unloading decor.