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• Radul-Bey’s Inn

Radul-Bey’s Inn

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Radul-Bey’s Inn
Location address:
Ljube Nešića, 19000 Zaječar
contact info
National Museum of Zajecar
Phone: +381 19 422 930

Radul bey’s inn, one of the monuments of oriental culture in this region, is located in the centre of Zaječar, in Ljuba Nešić Street, which is also the commercial district of the City. It is not possible to determine who built and owned the inn, but it is assumed that after the liberation of the Timok region from Turks in 1833, the inn got a new owner – Radul bey.

The Radul-bey’s inn has a ground and an first floor. During reconstruction of the building, it was found that the ground rooms were used as workshops, while the first floor rooms were residential ones and therefore more attractive and interesting. Ground floor is now a gallery where, apart from art exhibitions, there are numerous other cultural events taking place there.