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Rajac Wineries

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Rajac Wineries
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Rajačke Pimnice a unique cultural sight dedicated to the glory of wine, under protection of Republic of Serbia is located 20 km south of Negotin and almost at the border between Bulgaria and Serbia. These cellars were build in 18 centery and they were used to process grapes into wine and brandy, as well as storage facilities. Mysterious monumental complex of Rajačke Pimnice that consists of over 270 stone houses built more than 200 years ago is a complete Mother-nature concept Foundation so to grow and preserve natural wines with most precious care and love of the local Rajac people. Its winding streets go along the regular shaped cellars, built in the ground floors or the two-storey cellars, often on both sides and dug into the ground. The construction of those wine cellars-drinking houses in Rajačke Pimnice had started in the 18th century as stone facilities near vineyards, with purpose of production and wine keeping which during time turned into the “wine town”.