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• Stara planina mountain

Stara planina mountain

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Stara planina mountain
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Stara planina mountain is an extension of the Carpathian mountain range, separated from it by the Danube River. The Balkan range runs 560 km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea.

Most popular place on Stara planina in Serbian part is Babin zub. The highest point on the Serbian territory is Midžor (2169 meters), which is the same time the highest peak in the Republic of Serbia. One-third of Stara planina mountain is in the eastern part of Serbia, while two-thirds of the Stara planina mountain are in neighboring Bulgaria. Stara planina mountain is rich of waterfalls (more than one third of all waterfalls in Serbia is located on this mountain).

Stara planina is about 330 km away from Belgrade, 120 km from Sofia, and 70 km away from the nearest city Niš.