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• The Education Center “Čardak”

The Education Center “Čardak”

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The Education Center “Čardak”
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Phone: +381 21 431144

The Education center “Čardak” is located in the afforested part of the Deliblato sands, only 7 km far from the Deliblato village. It consists of the management building, restaurant (capacity: 500 persons), 7 pavilions (two of them recently renovated, capacity 130 beds),  3 groups of bungalows, supporting premises, sports fields and other. The multi-functional center is surrounded by clearly marked pathways, with information panels, resting places and monitoring watchtowers along the way. 

The Čardak Center lies 70 km northeast of Belgrade, 450 km south of Budapest, 687 km southeast of Vienna. The distance from the border crossing with Romania “Kaluđerovo” is 52km, and from the border crossing “Vatin” is 55km.