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Tršić Village

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Tršić Village
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The Tršić village is the special memorial complex in Loznica’s municipality. The complex represents a village of “Dinars type” of the 19th century and has a special touristic and cultural value. The village Tršić is located in Jadar, 7 kilometres far from Loznica. The village is under the hillside of Gučevo mountain, and the small river Žeravija that runs through the whole complex.

In the world literature, Tršić is known as the native village of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, a writer and reformer of Serbian language. The whole complex represents a special outdoor museum. An asphalt road leads to the complex, and there are many asphalt paths or macadam paths in the complex.

The complex spreads over 5,3 ha. 35 facilities are brought into the complex from nearby villages of Jadar and Rađevina. All facilities (houses, wooden huts, old storage house, dairies, pavillions, barns, mills, church, actually all facilities that were included in an old Serbian household) are being protected. Today, these facilities today consist of: the Museum’s exibit of Vuk’s fairs, Memorial house of the village’s teacher, the Gallery, the Guest’s house, the wooden church of St Archangel Michael, wooden huts where old handicrafts are displayed, apartments for guest’s accomodation, and the national restaurant “Vukovi vajati”.

The complex is under state’s protection, and is ruled by The Center of culture “Vuk Karadžić” in Loznica.