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Villa Eden

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Villa Eden
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Villa Eden

Villa Eden is located at the foothills of Kosmaj Mountain, in the town of Slatina. The villa stands alone on a 1.1 hectare plot, surrounded by forests and meadows, just 150 meters downhill from the main road. Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, the villa features three meticulously designed apartments: a ground floor unit, an upper floor unit, and a loft unit. The loft apartment comprises two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. The living room boasts a wall-length window providing a view of Avala and a stunning landscape that frames and characterizes the entire house and property. The upper floor apartment includes a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a spacious terrace with the aforementioned breathtaking and expansive view towards Avala. The ground floor apartment offers one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and a dedicated spa area complete with a sauna, shower, toilet, and a small fitness section that leads out to the 10×5-meter infinity pool. A substantial summerhouse equipped with an oven, grill, dining area, fire pit, and sports courts for basketball and pickleball is located on the property. Parking space for up to 12 vehicles is available in front of the villa, with the option to accommodate larger vehicles on the unpaved access road at the base. The property is adorned with abundant flowers, gardens, and greenery.