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Center of Zrenjanin

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Center of Zrenjanin
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Zrenjanin is one of the cities which enjoyed favorable conditions for constructional development, and the circuitous course of the River Begej, with a large number of meanders, laid the foundations for the formation of city streets. This basic layout was preserved to these days.

Historical framework for the creation of Vojvodina cities, Zrenjanin including, belongs entirely to the 18th century. Once the center of the town was formed, there started construction works on other areas along the River Begej and, after the organized settlement of the Germans that took place until 1785, the first well regulated part of the city was  erected – “The New German City”. Bečkerek had the most complex urban planning layout that was untypical and much dispersed, but it also boasted more balanced development than most cities in its surroundings.

The completion of the city structure and the development of regulation matrix which has been preserved to this date, followed after the great fire in 1807. The renewal of the city brought the fastest development to it – in the fields of economy, culture, and construction.