Film in Serbia
• Ivan Uzelac

Ivan Uzelac


Born in 1980 in Belgrade, Serbia, Ivan Uzelac studied sound recording and design at Belgrade University’s Faculty of Drama Arts and is currently perusing doctorate studies in Digital Arts. He is experienced in sound editing and design for film, television, musicals and theater. In 2009, Uzelac worked on a number of international productions, including Welad el Am (Coussins), a Cairo-based feature film, Los Viajes del Viento (The Wind Journeys) in Bogota and Günesi gördüm“ (I Saw the Sun) in Istanbul. He was the effects editor for Skelling, a 2009 London television feature. Uzelac speaks fluent English and some French. He is a member of A.E.S. (Audio Engineering Society) and Serbia Film Commission.


Welad el Am (2009)
Los Viajes del Viento (2009)
Besa (2009)
Hitna pomoc (2008)