Film in Serbia
• Jasna Dragović

Jasna Dragović

Production designer

Born in 1954 in Belgrade, Serbia, Jasna Dragovic is an accomplished production designer and art director. Dragovic, who holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Belgrade University’s Faculty of Applied Arts, is also a full professor for television and film set design at the univesity’s Art Department. Dragovic is a member of the Association of Artists and Applied Arts of Serbia. She has worked on an array of television series, television films, feature films and theater productions, both domestic and international, over the course of her career. Dragovic’s high profile films include 2008’s Romance in the Dark and B-13 Ultimatum, both Europa Corp Paris productions, and The Brothers Bloom (2007), an Endgame Entertainment West Hollywood production.


B – 13 Ultimatum, director Patrick Alessandrin
Romance In The Dark, director Rie Rasmussen
The Brothers Bloom, director Rian Johnson
Caravaggio, director Angelo Longoni
I Figli Strappati, director Massimo Spano
Fade To Black, director Oliver Parker
E Ridendo L’uccise, director Florestano Vancini
Il Cuore Nel Pozzo, director Alberto Negrin
Il Servo Ungherese, director Massimo Piesco and Giorgio Molteni
Mathilde, director Nina Mimica
L’ Impero, director Lamberto Bava
I Banchieri Di Dio, director Giuseppe Ferrara
Papa Buono, director Giuseppe Ferrara
Il Furto Del Tesoro, director Alberto Sironi
Morte Di Una Ragazza Perbene, director L. Perelli
Banovic Strahinja, director Vatroslav Mimica