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• Miljen Kreka Kljaković

Miljen Kreka Kljaković

Production designer

Born in Osijek, Croatia in 1950, Miljen Kreka Kljakovic is an internationally renowned production designer. He is a graduate of the University of Modern Arts in Belgrade and a member of the American Art Directors Guild, the Serbian Film Academy and the Maison des Artistes in Paris, among others.
Kljakovic has received numerous awards, including the French Film Academy Award and the European Film Academy Award for Delicatessen and the Yugoslavian Academy Award for his work on Underground,. He was nominated for Primetime Emmy award for his work on Rasputin and for an Art Directors Guild Excellence in Production award for Helen of Troy. Kljakovic has worked as production designer or art director on over thirty feature films, including Talisman, Species II, Rasputin, Arizona Dream, Hard to Swallow, Legend and Life of Ernest Hemingway and Four Men in October.


St. George Shoots the Dragon directed by Srđan Dragojević
War Inc. directed by Joshua Seftel, Nu Image
Talisman directed by Ed Zwick, Dream Works
Nomad directed by Ivan Passer and Sergey Bodrov, Kazak Film
Hellen of Troy directed by Peter Medak, USA Cableentert
Order directed by Brian Helgeland, 20th Century Fox
Dune directed by John Harison, Deluxe
I Love You Baby directed by Nick Lyon, Warner Bros
The Brave directed by Johny Depp, Acapela Pictures
Species II directed by Peter Medak, MGM
Rasputin directed by Uli Edel, HBO
The Underground directed by Emir Kusturica, Ciby 2000
Arizona Dream directed by Emir Kusturica, UCG-Constellation
Time of the Gypsies directed by Emir Kusturica, Colombia Pictures/Forum Film
Blood Rush directed by Brian Ovens, LTD Comp
Legend and Life of Ernest Hemingway directed by Hose Maria Sanchez
Mama Lucia directed by Stuart Cooper
Four Men in October directed by Sauros Scavalini