Film in Serbia
• Petar Daković

Petar Daković

Location manager

Petar Dakovic born in 1984 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Petar Dakovic is an ambitious independent media production professional. Graduated with a M.A. in film and TV production from Belgrade University’s Faculty of Drama Arts. In the last several years Dakovic is positioning him self as a UPM/Location manager. Working on various TV commercials, feature films, documentaries and short films Petar is building his network throughout both Serbia and Montenegro.Dakovic worked as a UPM and location manager on several award wining documentaries and short films such as Fabulous fairies (Belgrade short film festival – Grand prix, 2008) and Yugo – a short autobiography (Belgrade short film festival – The Golden Plaque, 2011). Also to be noted is a UPM role one of the first modern Serbian creature feature horror films Mamula (Dark sea), 2013.At present time he is pilling up experience working with foreign productions and offering quality service as a freelancer or joining some of the best production companies in Serbia and Montenegro.


2014 Film Newcomer – Emote productions / Unit production manager
2013 Film Mamula – Viktorija film / Unit production manager
2009-2013 TVC for Emote productions, Red Production, Communis / Unit production manager – Production manager – Unit manager – Location scout
2011 – 2012 Emotion Production / Production manager
2012 – 2013 Constantin Entertainment SRB / Location manager
2010 Documentary film “Yugo” / Unit production manager
2006-2007 Documentary film „Fabulous fairies” / Unit production manager
2010-2011 “Location scout” agency / Location scout