Film in Serbia
• Smart Specialization Strategy in Serbia

Smart Specialization Strategy in Serbia

Smart Specialisation postPartners: Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Stakeholders include, Serbian Gaming Association, University of Arts Belgrade, University of Arts Novi Sad, Belgrade Polytechnics and Higher School for Arts, 54 private companies 

Project Description: Under the development process for development of Smart Specialization Strategy in Serbia SFC’s Executive Director Milica Božanić served as creative industry coordinator in EDP leading events and workshops with representatives of business, academia, public and civil sector, more than 50 SH involved. Digital content creation through film, video games, new media, as well as, smart packaging were recognised as pillars within CI sector for. SFC continues to participate in the continuation of EDP process under the Ministry of Education Science and Technological transfer.

Project Duration: 2018-2021

Project funded by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development