Film in Serbia


vojvodinasume-logo-page-001-cchPublic Enterprise (PE) “Vojvodinašume”, established in 2002, is company for forest management. Enterprise manages cca. 130,000.00 ha of forests and forestry land within the territory of Vojvodina province. It integrates administrative, managerial functions and functions related to commercial production in forestry, hunting and other domains. In 2008, PE “Vojvodinašume” obtained FSC certificate. PE “Vojvodinašume” is also manager of 17 protected areas (among others 5 special nature reserves) and is user of 19 protected areas. In total more than 86,000.00 ha of forests and forest land fall within the borders of protected areas.

Filming permits and procedures

To shoot at protected areas in the territory of the PE “Vojvodinašume”, the approval of PE “Vojvodinašume” is required as well as preconditions for nature conservation issued by Institute for nature conservation of Vojvodina Province. Filming approval/permit is obtained by sending the relevant filming request indicating specific requirements. PE “Vojvodinašume” can provide logistic services for filming purposes. There is a fixed fee defined by Law for filming in protected areas while other services are charged extra.


Address: PE “Vojvodinašume” Petrovaradin, Preradovićeva 2, 21131 Petrovaradin
Phone: +381 21 431 144