Film in Serbia
• Why become a member?

Why become a member?

Considering that SFC is a formal membership-based organisation, its members directly influence the structure and priorities of the organisation. The reason for the existence of the Association is to meet the needs of its members and thus its members need to be actively involved to ensure that it is successful in the development and implementation of the activities that promote the interests of the industry.

The members have the right to vote and be voted for the members of the Management Board, but primarily to take active part in the activities of the Association by participating at the annual general meeting and in working groups, as well as in all activities that the Association undertakes in view of achieving the goals of overall film sector.

Serbia Film Commission members’ benefits include:

With over 40.000 hits per year, FilminSerbia website is among the most frequented websites addressing the issues of film production in Serbia. It enables you to fully present your services and references, and there is also a showreel which helps you to directly and properly communicate with the film professionals interested to work in Serbia. All viewers of the profile may contact the company in question directly or visit its website. A newly redesigned website has been launched with modern technical possibilities of website search and presentation which are now available.

In 2012 SFC launched a new portal devoted to the promotion of Serbian locations in towns and municipalities covered by the Film Friendly Program. SFC members enjoy free access to the extensive gallery of photographs, contacts for obtaining the permits for specific locations, and “My projects” – an option to create a selection of locations for a specific projects. Location data base counts more than 450 locations with over 4000 photographs of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Sombor, Smederevo, Pančevo, Stara Pazova, Valjevo, Požarevac, Apatin, Bač, Beočin, Boljevac, Golubac, Kladovo, Kragujevac, Loznica, Majdanpek, Negotin, Pećinci, Pirot, Ruma, Sremski Karlovci, Topola, Veliko Gradište, Vršac, Zaječar, Zrenjanin, and has been updated on a daily basis.

  • Forwarding of contacts and inqueries

SFC is the first point where foreign clients come to obtain information about the production capacity in Serbia. If your company provides a service that is mentioned in a query and this service is included in its profile, you will be forwarded the contact and, at the same time, the foreign client will be referred to you. All this will be done following the “golden rule” – on equal terms for all members of SFC.

  • Participation at markets and festivals

The costs of individual appearance at markets and festivals can be financially exhausting, but membership in SFC offer you the opportunity to appear at a stall branded ‘Film in Serbia’ at much lower costs or no costs at all. Even when you are not able to be physically present, the presence of SFC promotes all its members and presents their businesses to foreign clients, distributes promotional materials, establishes and maintains contacts with clients when you are not able to do it.

  • Support in dealings with public institutions

As an independent body composed of the professionals from the industry, SFC can have a say in the issues of interest for the industry, in solving the problems and building partnerships with public institutions. It builds a reputation of an unbiased body that speaks for more than 80 representatives of the industry. We are therefore here to make sure that your arguments are heard and to jointly appear before the institutions, services, and public companies with regard to the matters of logistic organisation of the production or preparation of production, thus making it easier for you to focus on satisfying the needs of your clients.

  • Networking with colleagues in the industry

SFC strives to add new contacts and enable its members to make new local and international partnerships. The participation in working groups and the bodies of the Association, trainings and educational programs create positive momentum and climate in local industry, and different modes of getting together (happy hours), annual parties, SFC promotional events, and joint appearance at fairs and festivals, enable you to meet new colleagues and partners. The same as in any other industry, it is all about trust and partnership.

  • Networking with the companies outside the film industry

The concentration of film industry through SFC facilitates the establishment of partnerships with the companies which are suppliers of the services important for the business activity of film companies (catering, courier services, hotels and restaurants, public institutions, etc.). Thus, SFC makes this segment of the business easier for its members by providing for them direct contacts, favourable prices, free consultancy, or services. For a precise list of sponsor benefits, please contact SFC office any time.

  • Educational programmes – Film Skills Academy

Through active cooperation with its members, SFC strives to create and organize trainings in the areas of film production that are not covered by formal education or that concern film production but are not its core component. Thus far we organised following trainings: Training for location managers, Training for casting directors and actors, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, 1st Assistant Director Training, ICA courses for colorists, Training for casting on camera, Marketing, selling and distributing  training… Also, we organized workshops “From the script to the film” aimed at screenwriters as well as Storyboard workshop.

Educational programmes – now realized through the Film Skills Academy platforme are organised by SFC, but SFC also recommends the educational programmes organised by other institutions abroad.

Seemingly small but significant benefit that enables you access to contacts and leads in the largest online database of film industry, absolutely free.

  • Special rates and other discounts

DHL – 35% discount for all services. Beside that, DHL will help you with import/export, customs, distribution and strorage.

**Please, before making the first appointment of shipment, contact SFC office to be directly referred to DHL sales department, through which you will be entitled to a discount.

  • Accomodation

SFC has good relations with hotel industry. All hotels which are members of SFC not only provide discounts or special prices for production companies – SFC members, but they are ready to offer their capacities as a filming locations. 

  • Assistance in providing the insurance policy

ACB Insurance Broker Company has been SFC’s member and its members’ partner for many years. Being the insurance brokers, they can give advice, negotiate and shape different insurance packages for filming purposes. Thanks to the cooperation we have, since last year we have a possibility to obtain public liability insurance policy at almost negligible costs. ACB is the representative of AON for Serbia which means that it can offer policy options that otherwise are not available on local insurance market.

  • Tax advice

Crowe RS Advisory is a memeber of SFC specialized in the field of audit, accounting and advisory and one of the the leading consulting companies in Serbia, as a part of the global network Crowe Horwath International.

  • Legal advice 

Thanks to its pool of law offices, SFC works closely in providing legal advice for international and Serbian media and film production companies.

  • Discount for purchasing professional software (e.g., Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting)

Joint acquisitions for a number of members who have a need for licensed professional software may provide for savings in the price of software. SFC makes this easier by organising the selection process and negotiating with software distributers.

  • A set of free marketing material – Production Guide, gifts, welcome book

Each member gets a set of ‘Film in Serbia’ branded marketing materials to give out to its partners. This means that you will be able to have available, without any further expenses, high-quality material that confirms the seriousness of the industry. Enabling you take the advantage of joint acquisitions and thus save on costs, SFC is always ready to offer the possibility of cobranding the promotional material with the members.

  • Advertising and promotion

Print advertising in industrial magazines attracts new visitors to the website and contributes to the visibility of the members presented in it. So, there is a clear advantage in participating in joint advertising since it will enable each individual company to save on presenting itself to international markets.

  • Support in local and international PR activities

SFC is devoted to building contacts with all types of media, in the country and abroad. About 50 announcements a year in local printed media, articles in LA Times, Reuters, Screen Daily, Variety, Locations Magazine, and appearance in national and regional TV and Radio programmes. SFA provides for its members assistance in preparing and distributing press releases (in Serbian and English), support in organising media conferences, preparing press material, and organising media events, all at very favourable prices.

  • Support in the organisation of ‘fam tours’

SFC organises so called ‘fam tours’, namely visits to the locations for the clients who would like to familiarise themselves with Serbia as a destination for their current projects. SFA provides to its members a possibility to meet clients on one-to-one basis and at the same time builds credibility of the entire destination.

  • Support in applying for Ministry of Economy incentives

SFC gives to its members advisory assistance in preparing projects for programme of incentives, thanks to continuous communication which SFC develops with Ministry of Economy and Incentive Committee. Therefore, SFC organizes meetings with Committee representatives, so members can directly ask questions and solve all doubts regarding incentives procedure.

If you need any help in communication with international clients, SFC team is always ready to participate as a partner or to represent Serbian film industry professionals.