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• 1st Assistant Director training

1st Assistant Director training

luxmedia 18-Z36CThis training assisted participants to gain the necessary skills and knowledge required to fully understand the role of the 1st Assistant Director training in the production process and either move into the role of 1st Assistant Director or enhance their current practices within the Assistant Directors department.

The teaching included interactive sessions, practical script breakdown and scheduling exercises.

At the end of the course participants became fully aware of the role and responsibilities of the 1st Assistant Director and perceived the production process and the place of the Assistant Director within it.

They are now able to manage a variety of professional relationships in production, to breakdown a script and to produce a schedule.

Training attended 12 young filmmakers who wanted to gain necessary experience in working on large, international projects and had an ambition to gain and/or upgrade their skills so they could carry on 1st AD responsibilities.

About lecturer:

Alison Goring worked for many years as an assistant director in film & TV production on films and Television drama. Her film credits include Dark Tide, Hysteria, The Eagle, Cloud Atlas, Valhalla Rising, Unleashed and Shallow Grave. As well as working throughout the UK she has worked in Hungary and Spain and been involved in international co-productions with Canada, Norway, France and, of course, The United States.  

She has now moved into training and development for film & TV practitioners.  She oversees two training schemes in Scotland which offer training at all levels from new entrants right through to producers. She is a member of and also delivers training for the Production Guild of Great Britain.

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