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ENG Header webCGAccelerator is new project run and designed by Serbia Film Commission to boost the skills in business and marketing of individuals leading creative businesses and studios. Creative industries are people’s business and therefore improving the understanding of business strategies on top of your creative work will enhance the ability to reach better clients and projects.

This is an industry-specific programme focused on Serbian creative companies and studios providing services in design, motion graphics, visual effects, animation, creative production and sound design. If you are running a project based business with clients in film, TV, advertising, gaming or any other media subsector we want to learn more about your company portfolio and challenges that could be supported through this acceleration programme.

CGAccelerator is initiated in partnership with Revthink and builds on the experiese of Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger who will personally lead you through an 8-week transformation.

Who is it for? 

CGAccelerator is designed for companies that have strong motivation for growth in both turnover and creative quality of projects. It does not matter if you are operating in Serbian market only or already have an established international presence. The accelerator program will help you further carve your business skill set in positioning, marketing, leadership of creative teams and sales to take your business to the next level.

We are inviting studio owners, co-founders and decision makers within the creative studios and companies interested in growing to the next level, working in positions like general manager, CMO, sales manager, new business manager.

To ensure the quality of your individual experience and group work we will be taking only 20 participants. 

One person per company is eligible to apply for the accelerator programme. We will take into consideration applicants with more than one person per company, so please let us know if there is another person that would benefit from attending the programme.

Programme schedule:

Week 1: Identify Your Genius

What is the source of your studio’s greatness? Let’s identify it. Now delegate everything else… so you can focus on it.

Week 2: Carve Out Your Positioning

Is your studio one of many… or the-one-and-only? Audit your messaging to begin exploring how to stand out, break through, and build strong relationships.

Week 3: Marketing the Modern Creative Firm

Discerning the nuances in the Creative Firm Sales Cycle is what empowers emerging firms to pursue all those previously elusive (i.e, bigger and better) opportunities.

Week 4: Attracting Better Clients

With COVID-19, the sales game forever changed. Learn the relevant way to take the stage and create community so your firm’s sales pipeline is never empty.

Week 5: Your Best Opportunities – The Three R’s

Why do you accept any given project? Master the critical dimensions that empower you and your team to define – and act on – what matters most.

Week 6: Fewer Proposals, More Projects – The Three D’s

Why does the proposal process waste so much time? Master the better way to weed out misfits and leverage your role as the valuable expert.

Week 7: High-Ticket Sales

What if you could coax your clients to reveal their maximum budgets… while also strengthening your role as the trusted guide? Get ready to master the Perfect Sales Process.

Week 8: Commanding Premium Pricing

Learn the counterintuitive approaches to negotiating, strengthening your hand, and setting healthy boundaries with your clients.

NOTE: Participation in the programme is estimated to 4 hours per week including group work and individual work. Participants will be required to attend at least 70% of the sessions.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Serbian registered companies and individual entrepreneurs
  • Company providing services in one or more of the focus areas 
  • Participants are co-founders or have decision making power on the company strategic development, for instance holding position of Chief Marketing Officer or in charge of sales, new business 
  • Preferably have online presence and communication material in English

We strongly encourage participants of 35 and younger, small studios based outside of Belgrade and female led businesses to take this opportunity and apply for the programme.

The accelerator programme will be fully executed online and in English. There is no application nor participation cost for selected beneficiaries.

How to apply?

Easy, just follow the online applications via THIS LINK.

We want to learn about you, your company, your vision, but also challenges to grow your studio or company.

Make sure you send your application by: January 25th, 2022

For questions or more information email:

Important dates:

  • Deadline for application – January 25th, 2022 
  • Selection and notification to applicants – February 14th, 2022
  • Start of the accelerator – February 28th, 2022 


1. My studio is not directly working in the film and audiovisual industry, but in a more broad computer graphics and 3D specter, am I still eligible?

Even though CGAccelerator is primarily built for creative studios in animation, film, advertising, TV broadcasting and gaming industries, we are curious to learn about applicants from similar sectors and will take them into consideration based on the quality of information provided in the application form. Use the motivation segment of the application form to improve your chances to get selected. Tell us how your studio is related to the industry and what direct effects you will get from the accelerator programme.   

2. Can I invite my co-owner or staff member to attend the accelerator? 

We know that creative business is often a joint endeavour and we will consider opportunities for two candidates from the same company to participate. In the application form you will be able to name the second applicant and invite him to session, share work material and have them as your wingman/wingwoman in the transformation process.

3. Will there be any live events during the accelerator programme?

Accelerator and creative industries are all about networking. SFC team is considering plans to host gatherings of the accelerator participants and help you network and meet with the industry. Depending on the pandemic situation we will include those events in the calendar and inform you in due time to plan your schedule.  

4. If I am not able to attend 100% of the sessions, what do I do? 

This is a fast paced programme with assignments and tasks to be followed up between the sessions. Please notify us in due time if you are not able to participate in a session. You will be able to name a second person from your team at the beginning of the programme who will be able to take your part instead.

5. Are there any costs associated with participation in the CGAccelerator? 

No, your time is the only investment we are expecting from you. Commercial value of the accelerator mentoring programme and consulting hours that each participant will have access to is 5.000 USD.  

6. Can a studio that is part of a larger company apply for the accelerator?

There is no limit to the size of the company that can participate in the accelerator. You can be part of a larger system or group of companies, but what is important is that you as a participant are driving the process and have decision making power so that time invested in the programme will yield results and effectively help your company grow.

7. I am planning to start my own company next year. Am I eligible to apply for the accelerator?

Yes, we are looking into hungry and ambitious creatives to help them set out their vision into reality. If you are planning to start your own business in servicing animation, film, gaming, TV or advertising in the next year or so, please share in detail your vision and business plan layout in the motivation question of the application form.


About RevThink

RevThink helps creative entrepreneurs thrive in business, life, and career. Joel and Tim have assisted hundreds of creative firms based in 26 different countries in embracing a revolutionary way to run their businesses. Among the client portfolio are such industry names as Territory studio, Super78, Cause+Effect, Laundry, Motion504 and many more.

Tim-Thompson-_-Casual-1 - Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson, Chief Revolution Thinker

As Founder and Chief Revolution Thinker, Tim Thompson’s vision and leadership have established RevThink as the industry’s leading supporter of creative entrepreneurs.

Tim draws from the roles he played in the industry’s most pivotal moments including a founding member of Imaginary Forces and producer of SE7EN Title Sequence

Known for rearranging people’s intellectual furniture, his thought pieces include The 4 Stages of the Creative Career, and The Entrepreneurial Formula. His unique contributions to the motion industry are leveraged regularly as the co-contributor of REVCOMMUNITY, THE WEEKLY BRIEFING web series and sharing them through advising, writing, podcasting, and speaking.


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Joel Pilger, Managing Partner

Joel helps emerging creative studios become industry leaders.

Joel’s clients own and operate motion, production, experiential, and sound studios spanning the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. Joel also spearheads a vibrant, global network of studio owners through online communities in addition to contributing to the industry as a judge, author, and speaker.

In a former life Joel helmed the miracle-making studio Impossible Pictures where he and his team won numerous Emmy, Addy, and Promax awards… and had a blast.

The CGAccelerator is enabled thanks to the financial assistance from the US Embassy in Serbia.