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• Cooperation with police – filming permit procedure

Cooperation with police – filming permit procedure

In many cases filming permit procedure involves the Serbian Government’s Ministry of Interior ( Ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova Republike Srbije), either indirectly or directly. Any contact with the police should be made through the Bureau for Cooperation with Media (Biro za saradnju sa medijima) which processes all applications and forwards them further to specialised department of the Ministry.
You need to send a letter, the scenario, and detailed shooting script that includes the precise time, site, number of people, vehicles, and other specific data.
The production team/individual must contact the MoI’s Bureau for Cooperation with Media if, in connection with shooting:
Security staff is needed,
Traffic is affected in any way whatsoever,
Pyrotechnics is used,
The shoots are made at the airport, in the area inside the customs control,
It is necessary to escort the VIPs from the airport runway,
It is necessary to lease uniforms, weapons, helicopters, staff, trained animals, special vehicles, etc.
As for the lease of police uniforms, the entire police uniform, apart from the badge is available for lease. Requests for uniform should preferably be sent 15 – 30 days in advance considering that the status of stock constantly changes and the equipment needs to be timely reserved,
Weapons may be leased exclusively with police escort.

A precise pricelist for the services provided by the Ministry of Interior, many of them intended for film industry, is available on the Ministry’s website.

Contact data:

MUP Biro za saradnju sa medijima (MoI’s Bureau for Cooperation with Media)
Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 2, 11000 Beograd
Tel.: +381 11 3139781; Fax: +381 11 3139782