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• Filming in forests

Filming in forests

Relevant authorities for filming in forests and woodlands are Serbian Forest Company (JP Srbijašume) and Vojvodina Forest Company (JP Vojvodinašume). Forest Companies are the managing authorities of the forest land in major areas including Belgrade and 17 other cities in Serbia. Accordingly you should apply for filming permit with one of these two state-owned companies. There is a fixed scale of fees payable for the use of the locations for which each JP Srbijašume or JP Vojvodinašume is the relevant authority. Application form for Srbijašume is available online on the following link together with the permitting price card. 

Complete list of forest locations will be available in the online location database soon.

If you want to filming in forests this are the contacts for relevant authorities 

JP Srbijašume (Serbian Forest Company)

Contact people: Danijela Kulier and Aleksandra Stojković, marketing department
Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 113, Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 711 5034, +381 11 711 5062,  E-mail:                                                                      W:

JP Vojvodinašume (Vojvodina Forest Company)

Contact person: Ivana Vasić
Address: Preradovićeva 2, 21131 Petrovaradin, Novi Sad
Tel:+381 21 431 144; Fax: +381 21 64 33 139, E-mail:;   W: