Film in Serbia
• Filming in military facilities

Filming in military facilities

The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces possess a large number of locations and facilities that are available to film productions for filming, such as Military Clubs, sports halls, barracks, hospitals, swimming pools, stadiums, sports fields, assembly halls, etc.

It is necessary to send all requests for filming in the facilities of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces beforehand to the Public Relations Department at with the following details:

  1. Summary of the film or series that is being filmed with the information about the production company
  2. The purpose of using a facility and space (physical occupation of the facility and space)
  3. Period of use
  4. List of all persons entering the facility with the following data: first name, surname, unique citizen’s identity number, ID number or passport number for foreigners
  5. List of equipment used for filming (motor vehicles with number plates, generators, trailers, etc)
  6. Proposition on how to provide technical items if it is an engagement lasting several days
  7. List of natural and legal persons who will be present during the filming (catering, persons providing the equipment, etc.)
  8. Information about military equipment to be used during the filming (if necessary)
  9. Information about armament, firearms and explosive devices to be used during the filming (if necessary)
  10. Any other information that make the production company’ request, i.e. request for filming at requested locations complete.

Please note that, after the request for filming is received, it is processed and the procedure for obtaining permission for filming at the requested location takes between 14 to 21 days, and that after the permission for filming is obtained, filming can be done in accordance with the valid Services Price List and the Rulebook on Material Operations in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.


Public Relations Department 

Address: 5/11 Birčaninova Street, 11000 Belgrade

Contact person:

Maj Bojan Milivojević, phone: +381 69 1105 364

Jelena Lukjančenko, phone: +381 64 8874 202