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• Intensive Houdini Course in Belgrade

Intensive Houdini Course in Belgrade

The most powerful program for dynamic effects with Andrew Lowell

Serbia Film Commission and Crater VFX Training Center have designed this intensive 5 day course with SideFX to empower VFX artists and their skills in creating dynamic simulations with Houdini. The total of 30 hours of effective training will answer variety of aspects, protocols, workflows and real time examples from rigid bodies to FX and fluids. Lead instructor from Lost Boys Studio, Vancouver and certified SideFX instructor Andrew Lowell is conducting the course in Belgrade.

November 13-17, 2017, Belgrade

Location: Crater VFX Training Center, Knicaninova 3, Belgrade 

Apply online

Knowledge requirements: general 3D knowledge and FX interest/knowledge

Course organizers are providing all necessary equipment, software, course materials, refreshments and lunches throughout the week. All course participants will need to send their CV and portfolio/reel for a short review prior to the course at the email posted in the application form.

Number of attendees: maximum 12
Course Price: 800 EUR
Application deadline: Novembar 5th, or until the avaliable seats are filled
Early Bird price: 700 EUR
Early Bird deadine: September 15th
Serbia Film Commission members enjoy special course price of 700 EUR
About the lecturer:

Andrew LowellAnrew Lowell

Andrew’s CG experience includes Houdini film effects at studios such as Rhythm and Hues, Ring of Fire, CIS Vancouver, Animal Logic and Digital Domain. Andrew’s teaching credentials include teaching college classes in 3D graphics, teaching classes for Sidefx, FXPHD, CG Masters. He is now FX Department Head and Lead Instructor at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects in Vancouver. He is also the author of a book on music and animation with Houdini. Andrew’s personal interests deal with the interaction of visual and sonic perception. Houdini is his primary application because of it’s audio features and unique abilities with visual effects.


Apply for Houdini intensive course through online form here.

For additional questions or details, feel free to reach out to our team: 

General Inquires: Jasna Milošević,

Payment Inquires: Milica Božanić, 


Detailed Course Program:

Day 1 Fundamentals (Monday, November 13th 2017)

This day will introduce the participants, instructor, and goals for the course. Foundations will be formed in basic-to-advanced proceduralism focusing on geometric and particle low-level procedures and set the foundations for the more advanced subject matters in the course. The demonstrations and class will focus on creating a procedural noise-based environment with particle augmentation.

  • Brief introductions of instructor and participants. Instructor history and experience overview  
  • SOPs / Particles advanced fundamentals (vector math and noise)  
  • Procedural systems modeling demonstration  
  • Procedural systems modeling class-work and help  

Day 2 Dynamics: Rigid Bodies (Tuesday, November 14th 2017)

The second class-day will introduce DOPs workflows with a subject matter of rigid body dynamics. Here dops basics can be addressed and fracture patterns / object-to-object interaction studied. Constrain workflows with bullet are taught throughout the day. The class do a destruction example for the last two hours of class.

  • Destruction and DOPs overview    
  • Constraints     
  • Fracturing and basic simulation overview     
  • Post Transformation workflow    
  • Rigid body Dynamics demonstration     
  • Rigid body class-work and help    

Day 3 Solvers and Smoke/Steam (Wednesday, November 15th 2017)

The third class day will use reference and study the dynamics and technical process of smoke / steam. Basic production-line rendering and compositing of smoke/steam will also be addressed.

  • Smoke technical process      
  • Smoke rendering and compositing     
  • Smoke reference matching demonstration       
  • Smoke reference matching class-work and help        
  • Sand simulation example            
  • Custom solvers sample (organics)           

Day 4 Fluids (Thursday, November 16th 2017)

The fourth day will cover practical fluids FX and use. Various workflows will be explored to cover different FX needs. Setups included would be splashes with particle simulations, flip fluids, and surfacing/rendering.

  • Fluids technical information  
  • Flip fluids example and demonstration  
  • Flip fluids class-work and help  
  • Particle fluids example and demonstration  
  • Particle fluids class-work and help  
  • Fluid surfacing techniques example  

Day 5 Fire and Sparks (Friday, November 17th 2017)

The last class day will focus on arguably the most advanced FX in the week-long curriculum which is the process of simulating and rendering pyro/fire.

  • Pyro overview and example  
  • Pyro class-work and help  
  • Pyro rendering example and demonstration  
  • Sparks FX example  
  • Sparks FX class-work and help  
  • Fire composite integration example  
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