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• Carska bara – The Imperial Swamp

Carska bara – The Imperial Swamp

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Carska bara – The Imperial Swamp
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Carska Bara is the largest individual bog and one of the major nature reserves in Serbia. It is located in the Banat region, 17 kilometers south of the town of Zrenjanin, in the west-central part of the Serbian section of Banat, near the mouth of the river Begej into the Tisa. Entire bog belongs to the municipality of Zrenjanin. It is located in the triangle of large cities Belgrade-Novi Sad-Zrenjanin.┬áThe entire, physically connected wetland of Carska Bara covers an area of 11 square kilometers and the entire system consists of three smaller, connected ponds (Carska, Perleska and Tiganjica). It extends for 8 to 9 kilometers along the Begej (approximately from Begej’s 4th to 15th kilometer). Wetland consists of many smaller bodies of water: rivers, canals, lakes and ponds, covered with reed beds, willow thickets and rushes and it is known for its color diversity. The central, lake section is known for its blue, clear water, while the surrounding salt marshes have white and yellow waters, all within green woods. Previously, Carska Bara consisted of smaller and larger swamps, but in time it basically turned into a complex of Begej’s meanders which are naturally getting shortened and narrowed and the bog gets more and more inclined compared to the river bed.